Week 2 - can I do it!?

Have just completed week 1 but did not find it particularly easy - found myself counting lamposts and desperately hoping that the 60 seconds would soon be up! Am now concerned that I should be moving on to week 2 but don't know if I'll manage the 90 second runs if I cant do the 60 second ones. I should be able to do this! I'm not overweight (9 stone) have no medical problems and so am frustrated that I'm not managing a meagre 60 second run! Does/did anyone else feel like this?


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  • Did you manage to run for all of the 60 second phases? I started last week and was happy to move onto wk2 as even though it was hard I did manage to run when Laura told me to. Maybe you could do the wk1 run again once or twice and see if you then feel happy to move on. I'm learning from reading other people's posts and blogs that this is very common and as the programme is so flexible it can be easily done. The most important thing is that you get there in the end. The piece of info that stuck in my mind is ........even a bad run is a good run for your health. Stick at it and we'll both be '5k ing' before we know it!

  • Yes you can! I'm reasonably fit and active (regularly hill walk and mountain bike) and I struggled with Week 1. But keep at it and it becomes easier. I still struggled a bit with week 2 runs, but am loving week 3. I'd advise making sure you do plenty of stretches after each run (I do yoga for runners) and some exercise on the days you're not running - even just a short walk.

  • Thanks for your motivating comments! Yes, did manage all of the 60 second runs but wanted to breeze, wather than wheeze through them!! Am swimming on all of my rest days. Need your positive encouragement! Thannks! Will give Week 2 Run 1 a go in the morning and let you know how I get on.

  • It's funny how long a minute can seem ! But you did manage it. If you want to repeat week 1, that's fine - lots of people do. Or you can try week 2 and start off by running more slowly than you did on week 1 so that you conserve your energy for the extra 30 seconds on each run. A lot of this program is about learning to pace yourself so you can run for longer. It's better to run too slowly at the beginning of a session than it is to run too fast. If you start slowly and still have some "spare" energy left at the end you can finish with a "sprint", even if it is only for 15 seconds - and that will make you feel great ! If you start too quickly, you may struggle to finish. As Swanscot says, stretch carefully after each run and do some low-impact exercise on the "rest" days. Even a bit of gentle walking will help stop you stiffening up.

  • You've completed week one. Well done.

    Try week 2 .. you are very likely to surprise yourself. if you don't make it you can assess how far off you were from succeeding and then decide if you need to do a bit more week one or to plug on at week 2 until you get the three done.

  • I found week 2 in the end easier than week 1 - knowing I didn't have to do 8 repeats helped considerably!

  • I have just completed my fourth run but stayed on week one. I think you should listen to your body and move forward when you feel it is right for you. You can do this!!

  • You will do what you feel is best, but I'd probably recommend having a go at week 2, but slow dwn a bit, you breathing will get better. Enjoy :-)

  • Rest assured willnevie that almost without exception we all struggled art the beginning. You are not alone...

  • ... I am here with you .... sorry slipped into some Michael Jackson lyrics there *coughs* ahem, but it's true we have all been there and it's the earlier weeks that are the most challenging as your body is wondering what you are doing to it. Soon you will be like Usain Bolt!

  • I reckon you should go for it! I felt EXACTLY the same as you last week. I finally decided to move on to W2, and I'm glad I did. Have just completed W2R3, and it doesn't half feel good. Good luck!

  • Hey! I took your words of encouragement and went for wk2 r1 this morning and actually found most of it a bit easier! It's an amazing sense of achievement to reach the final cool down walk! Thank you so much for all the encouragement, what a wonderful community this is! Thank you all, onwards and upwards now!

  • Fantastic willnevie, well done! I feel like I've won an Olympic medal when I get to the end and throw my arms in the air! Wk2R2 this evening for me :)

  • @Willnevie

    I promise it will get better, when I first started I just spent my time wishing the time away feeling like I was dying and hoping noone stopped there car to ask me how I was!

    Also don't forget your rest days as well, even swimming will use alot of muscles and may not give them enough time to heal. Consider pilates- will enhance your core no end and will aid your running. I did the coach to 5K a year ago and never thought I would be up to 6K but it is doable and I am by no means a natural runner!! Good luck.

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