Couch to 5K

Week 8 - done! One more to go! :)

So week 8 completed. Amazing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get this far and now there's just one more week, 3 more runs to go!

Was running on the treadmill today and didn't think my husband was in his office which is in the room next to where the treadmill is, so I started doing lots of "woo hoo" and "yee ha" and "come on!!!" out loud and suddenly he appears with a smirk on his face. He's really proud of what I'm doing (he's done marathons and thinks nothing of running for a hour for a light run) but when I know he's in there I'm usually quieter with my woo hoos!! Good job he wasn't on a Skype call ha.

He's away next Friday when I'm hoping to graduate so I will be screaming the house down then for sure!!! :)

One week left. Again - amazing :)

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Fantastic, well done! So nearly finished the 9 weeks. Think you should practice the whoops on r1 and r2 to make sure you've got them down to a tee for when you complete w9r3...WHHHHOOOOOOPPPPPP


agree with Ali :) practice the dancing too :), I'm planning a little dancin :)


Well done...good luck with week 9.

Hopefully we will both be graduates this time next week and will be planning the next step :)

I am thinking of going back to an earlier week but really running as fast as I am able in the fast bits then walking to recover.... Maybe once a week then two longer runs.

What I am really looking forward to is using my own music. Oh and it's my birthday next week (56) so thinking of getting a little garmin number :)


Yes I was also considering going back to an earlier week and running at my usual pace on the walking bits and then faster running on the running bits, once a week maybe. But I'm also looking forward to the new podcasts and hopefully they'll take us up to the 5k?

The garmin sounds a good pressie for your birthday!


Fantastic! Well done you and all the best for next week - look forward to hearing how you get on. :-)


Big grin here at your post. Can just picture the scene. Following a bit further behind in your footsteps and looking forward to that moment too.


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