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Beer or run? Run or beer? And.... The RUN won! What has happened to me?

Imagine the picture....husband comes in this evening and says 'Oh good, barbeque tonight - would you like a beer?'. 'Hmmm no thanks I think I will go for a run'. WHAT????

It was after 6 but the temperature was still over 20 degrees and I chose a run over sitting in the garden with a cold beer. Crikey how times change.

Went for a run and it was SO hard. I was beetroot red by the time I got back and the sweat was literally dripping off me but boy...did that beer at the end just taste sooooo good :)

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Oh, that's a relief - I was worried that you'd had to sacrifice the BEER !!



Oh no, in fact I had several beers :) After all I had burnt off the calories even though my run wasn't as far as I would have liked. Think the heat got to me more than the lure of the beer.... :)


I was sporting the beet root red this evening too! But I had no barbecue or beer waiting for me... Just orange squash and pasta! Well done you for running! I may have caved...


Oh, thank goodness for that! You got the beer in the end - I was starting to worry! At least, when you've put the run in, you feel that you've earned it!!

Well done BTX4!!



Glad to hear you got your beer, makes sense you will obviously have needed to replace lost fluids!!


Good for you for finding such a great run-beer balance.


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