Week 8 done - Feeling nervous about a race

I did the week 8 run today after having to stop for a 2 weeks and repeat week 6 because​ of Ill health. Week 8 is underway and i feel good. I have a 5k run on the 1st of April and thought i would have completed the programme by then but looks like i would only just be completed but not sure if I'd be able to run the full 5k. Feeling nervous


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  • Don't be nervous.

    You will still gain a good bit of fitness in the next 2 weeks and there is every chance you will be able to run the full 5K but even if you can't, don't worry about it. Lots of people have walking breaks in a 5K race, some people walk most of the way. It isn't a problem.

  • Thanks Dunder2004, knowing that makes me feel so much better. I'll finish the rest of w8 &9 and hopefully like you say my fitness levels might improve. Much happier knowing i can still walk / run the 5k

  • Don't be nervous, it's only putting one foot in front of the other. Run walk run walk will be fine. No-one minds! It will be fun.

  • I've been so nervous but thanks misswobble. You're right, it is one leg in front of the other, but it's just trying to keep that going when you feel like you've had it. In any case, i can take a walking break if I get too tired. Hopefully I'll be able to run more than 30minutes. Thanks for the encouragement. Really helps

  • I'm doing a 5k run on April 1st too, with a few colleagues. So far one has been ill, one has barely started running, one has very bad shin splints. And the last member of our team is a serious runner who's done numerous marathons and will be done in about 15 mins, so will be under instruction to get the drinks in for the rest of us! ;) All of which is to say, walking is fine. Walking, for most of our team, is inevitable. :) I'm hoping to run the whole thing (slowly), but even if I don't it'll be fun, and that's the main thing :)

  • Rainbow C maybe we are doing the same race. Enjoy

  • Supernova London?

  • Yup

  • 5K races tend to be fun runs with nobody taking it too seriously. Of course, you will always get some who do, the one I did a couple of years ago, the winner was finished in 15 minutes, but most of us just sort of wandered around having fun! You will see loads of people walking some or all of it, families with prams and toddlers, and dogs.... I hope you enjoy it!

  • Thanks curlygurly2, I am looking forward to it. Should be a fun night

  • Ifomsky - How did it go? Did you enjoy it last Saturday? :)

  • Hi Rainbowc, yeah, i posted about it on here. It went well thanks. I managed to run most of it really slowly. I finished in like 38+ minutes, which I'm pleased about. You were right, it was fun. The atmosphere was really cool, everyone was buzzed and the enthusiasm in the crowd was really infectious.

    5k under my belt now 😁

    How did yours go?

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