W9R3 - COMPLETED!!!!!! A positive end to a difficult start to the year

Wasn't sure I was going to do it today before work but up extra early in the dark, bit tired.. but thought I'd do it today rather than wait till the weekend. First 5 mins the usual tough bit, uphill and 20mph wind, eyes streaming and using my inhaler as I ran.. but then settled into it. Did extra new road which I thought would be flat, to make sure I had a long enough route, and to my horror it was uphill so did few mins and turned back, after getting slight stitch I think due to the change in breathing? It made my route long enough though. Rest was fairly comfortable, I could have kept going and gave myself a clap as I finished!! (no one saw, i was back on a side road by then..). Felt bit cheated the app didn't have a different/special commentary for R3 though! I run quite a slow pace so nowhere near 5k, probably about half that with my short legs! will plot it later..

So, overall after 9 weeks, I feel great, really positive, a LOT fitter and may now run every other day going forward as I really enjoy it especially the really early morning dawn runs.. I will miss the structure and the set runs to complete each week and reading about everyone on the same week as me!

I had a really difficult start to the programme as initially me and my now ex bought our running stuff together on Christmas Eve, then 2 days later he decided to split up.. so I started this on my own anyway, as did he.. we are neighbours to make things worse so my worst runs were on the days I bumped into him or saw what he was up to. Anyway he gave up I think around week 5 to concentrate on his new obsession/woman... but I've carried on and completed the programme... despite taking on a new job last month too which made me quite tired.

I was fairly small to start with but a combo of running and stress and I lost half a stone over the 9 weeks, 3" off waist and hips, 1/2" off my thighs plus my legs are starting to tone up and gain muscle. I was B12d until a couple of years ago without knowing what it was and had got quite ill and lost all previous fitness plus with asthma on top this has been quite an achievement to start getting back to regular exercise/fitness levels.

The most positive thing I've ever tried, can't recommend this programme enough, it just works perfectly even when it sounds impossible!!


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  • Congratulations! Isn't it a great feeling? I also completed W9R3 today...and I also have short legs and I'm not up to 5km either! It sounds like you had a horrible start to the year, and must have been tough to keep going but - I also agree with what you say - this programme is amazing!

  • Congratulations too! and thanks :-D Feels great, doesn't it! Any idea how far you run??

  • Yes, it does! My TomTom watch tells me 3.89km... I should be pleased - it was heading for 2.7km the other week - but I was so close to my personal target of 4km I felt a bit cheated...but it's now given me my next goal; to run 4km in 30 minutes. Help! Its still a miracle we can run for 30 minutes whatever the distance!

  • Yes it is, I would never have thought it possible for me either!

    I've just plotted it online and I did 2.78 miles with 131ft (is that all?!) climb.

    Converts to 4.47k?? Is that right? Seems further than I thought :-o

    I've been purely concentrating on just getting to the 30m so I've not looked before now how far I was going.

    I probably need to get myself some sort of fitness watch now!

  • Thats AMAZING!! Well done... I'm a tiny bit jealous...in a good, incentive-type way! I bought a (used) TomTom watch a couple of weeks ago, and I do like tracking my pace/distance, though it doesn't show hills.

  • I'm surprised it's more than you but I guess it's not much more, it sounds further than I thought I would do though! I do go really slow, I get overtaken by others out running all the time.

    That's a good idea re a used one, I will have a look :-D

  • Emmy9 congratulations on your achievement.

  • YAAAAYYYYYYYY Congratulations have some fizz 🍸🍸

    Fab post. Wow what a start to the year. Well done on overcoming it all and getting through it. Onwards and upwards. Looks like it's going to be a great year for you now x

  • Cheers :-D Yeah not a start to the year I'd like to repeat in every way!! but as a friend pointed out I've got my health, fitness, body, and work life back all in 2 months!

    Still can't believe we've run for 2 months already!

  • Wow! What a wonderfully literal way to 'move on' with your life. Well done!

    There's loads of stuff around: C25K+ podcast suite and others if you find yourself needing some structure.

  • Thank you, what a great way to put it! It really has been!

    I will have a look around more for that and have a read, thanks :-)

  • Brillian! Congratulations on graduating and the strength and determination to carry on through tricky times. "When the going gets tough - runners just put on their running shoes!"πŸ™‚

  • Thank you! I've found nothing better than running for improving my mood :-) and I never thought I'd say that!

  • KS69 massive congratulations to you, I admire your willpower. You're a real inspiration πŸ‘ - enjoy your celebration you've truly earned it. xx

  • It probably helped to run through the emotion and the anger made sure I completed it then I discovered the positives of running along the way :-)

  • KS69 a lot of folk would have buckled at one of those life challenges. I said it before and I'll say it again - inspirational. WELL DONE YOU. x

  • I'm not quite sure how I made it through tbh!

  • Well KS69 what a year you've had so far! I honestly take my hat off to you. Curve ball after curve ball and you've emerged triumphant and smiling☺

    That badge looks great on you and is SO well deserved. I'm sure you know what's coming now. You might want to cover your ears whilst we scream out our...


    But now, get those trainers off and your dancing shoes on...


    ...paaaaarrttaaaaay on!!!

  • Thank you McFitty - I bounced into work this morning! I even ran for the train!!

  • Whhooo hooo Graduate!!!

    A tough ride.....but you did it!!! Go you!

    Huge congratulations...have you left some bubbly for me ?πŸ˜ƒ

  • I'll crack it open tomorrow! Saying that I should have had it tonight as can't wait to get out again Sat morning..!

  • Wonderful I am heading out now.. I shall think of you!! Fellow Graduate!

  • Amazing run - huge congratulations from me. Hope there's bubbly left for those of us graduating tomorrow!

  • Wouldn't forget my fellow W9'ers :-D Hope you have a good run tomorrow!

  • Really Well done !

    You had a really rubbish start to the year , but you've come through it and achieved so much !

    Hold your head up high, you should be so proud of yourself ! :-) xxxx

  • Thank you, not sure what I would have done without the running to keep me focused tbh!

  • Many congratulations to you and a huge well done for continuing in difficult circumstances. Go you πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Cheers, I've probably gained and lost the exact right things from my life! :-D

  • Wow, well done. Given all that's happened recently it would have been so easy for you to give up. Well done you for keeping going. You did it and the achievement is all yours!

  • and it feels a BIG achievement :-D

  • Well done! Congrats!

  • Thank you :-D

  • Terrific achievement, congratulations graduateπŸŽ“πŸ…πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

    You can download a tracker app such as Mapmyrun which will capture your run details for you.

    Happy running!

  • Feels good to get there!

    I will have a look, thanks :-)

  • Oh KS69 Immense congratulations on completing, knew you could do it! Life smacks you in the face sometimes and it hurts, but it's often the kick up the ass that you need!

    I'm gonna miss the structure too, and reading about everyone else in the Magnificent Class of w/c 27-2-17 :D ! We are truly blessed to have found this wonderful programme, and the camaraderie of others has been such a strength! Keep running...xx

  • Oh thank you so much and I couldn't have put it better especially the kick up the ass and 27-2-17 bit! :-)

    Hopefully we will all be around to follow for quite some time - I'm out tomorrow morning for my first 'freestyle' run!! am actually itching to get out..

  • Good for you KS69! You've had a rough ride but you have overcome. Onwards and upwards strong independent woman. Great post and here's to good times ahead 🍸

  • Thank you very much! I certainly feel stronger, physically and emotionally now and out to celebrate tomorrow ;-)

  • Well done. You should be so proud of what you have achieved both on a personal level and on a healthy lifestyle level.

    You are a fighter, and I wish you only the best. You are an inspiration. πŸ‘

  • Congratulations KS69πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    Sorry to hear you have had a difficult time but so pleased you started the plan and have used the structure and positive mindset to help you through the last few weeks. You were determined to succeed and you have.

    Well done to you and keep on enjoying your running and sharing your experiences on here. We all run together. xxx😊

  • Congratulations! :)

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