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W7 done

So I finished week 7 last night and I'm finding the hardest part of my run is the first 8-10 minutes or so. Once I get past that I seem to settle into it and just keep on going. Probably doesn't help that the first part of my run is uphill but not really much I can do about that.

I'm thinking of going to our local park (Strathclyde for anyone in Scotland who knows it) and running round that for the last few weeks. It's 6k round it so I recon with the 5 mins walk at start and finish it should be about right. .

No real point to my post just an update for my own benefit to keep me motivated really.

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Euan - there's every point to this post everyone talks about the terrible tens on this forum and so you are not alone. Hate those hills I have one too and she's a bitch, but that makes it harder and so you're building stamina as you go. That hill will give you payback in time. Well done you for posting how you're getting on.


As Jan says Euan the first 8-10 mins of a run is the hardest part..hills aside, its when your body is taking on the oxygen you need ib your bloodstream to cope with the exertion. Its normal, and knowing this, be kind to yourself at the start of your run and ease into it..

Once you get past those first 10 mins your breathing regulates and you relax and the running just flows...

Read up on the toxic ten, there is a pinned post about it.

That park sounds like a great route to do your longer runs in..

Good luck and keep posting😊


Thanks for the replies. Makes sense that your body is acclimatising for the first 10 minutes. I'll look up the toxic 10 post.

Thanks for the encouragement


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