W7/2 done but it was hard work!

So after a week of not running (life, general couldn't be bothered gremlins...oh and getting my motorbike license, yay!), I gave myself a good talking to and ran yesterday and boy did I find it tough. I'm not sure if it was just having the week off or whether it was a state of mind but I struggled more than normal. Thankfully I managed to complete it without stopping but it was hard work. 

I'm finding I keep getting a weird niggle in my right foot - not just when I'm running, the other day it was when I stood up to get a cup of tea. It's around the inner arch part of my right foot and feels like something pulling really tight which can make it really difficult to walk / run. It's been fine for a few days but I noticed it go again part way through my run yesterday. I've no idea what it is or how to stretch it out - the only way I can describe it would be to say it feels like my achilles is too tight but I don't think it runs down that part of the body - it's  from near my inner ankle bone through to just under the arch - very odd. 

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  • Not sure if this will help but worth reading - runnersworld.com/the-body-s...

  • look up plantar fasciitis see if that sounds like it.

  • Congratulations on getting back out there. You could try rolling a can with your foot, under the arch - it's one of the stretches for plantar fasciitis, but I use it after getting cramp as that often leaves my foot sore (touching wood here, I haven't had plantar). If it persists you should visit the doc or physio.

    Well done on your licence too, I love riding my bike, especially when the weather gets better.

  • thanks Annie, it's a great feeling isn't it, what do you ride? 

  • I've got a Honda cb1000r. I had to have it lowered (had to have my previous bikes lowered too) as I'm a bit on the short side 😀. What are you riding?

  • Ooh lovely. I know what you mean about height, I'm 5' 7" and still struggled with some of the higher bikes. I have a Triumph Street Triple RX

  • Nice!👍

    By the way have you sorted out your foot? Could it be the lacing?

  • I tried doing the rollering as it was playing up again yesterday, touch wood it seems to be ok today so I'm going to try and do w7r3 tonight. It's really frustrating as it can be absolutely fine one minute and then just goes, thanks for asking though :) 

  • Thank you all, I'm not sure if it is plantar as the tight pain bit runs up from my arch towards my ankle rather than along the bottom of my foot / heel. I'll definitely give the stretches a go as hopefully they'll help. It's been playing up today so no bank holiday run grrr :(

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