W7 now completed

I'm on a roll at the moment - 4 runs of 25 mins in a week. I've never done that before. I ran without Laura again, but runkeeper kept me informed on the time. It was good to hear the dawn chorus, watch the sky start to turn pink and vary my route slightly. I tried to go slow by taking shorter steps rather than changing my pace, but that didn't last long. It is difficult to stick to a pace that doesn't seem "natural". And as usual I got faster as the run went on. The last 2 minutes were quite tough as I tried to speed up and I was really out of breath at the end. When I got home the sweat was just pouring off me (not a very savoury subject, but I always really sweat when I've finished). I was faster than last time, but slower than W7R1, so once again a solid result.

Hard to believe that I'm going in to W8. I'm going to have to extend my route again, at the moment it's just perfect for a 25 minute run and 2 x 5 min warm ups/cool downs. It also seems to be getting really long (still nowhere near 5 K, but I'm not yet bothered about that).

I find it quite astounding that my body is coping with this and I'm running at about 8 km / hour (7.5 min per km) or faster. For years I've been half-heartedly running at a slower pace than this but making no progress what so ever. I would try for months and then everything would just fizzle out. Six months later I would have another bash - equally unsuccessfully. This is the first time I've ever felt I was getting anywhere. So I'm a bit in awe of what's happening and very excited about the next two weeks.

Oh, and this forum is brilliant as well!


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6 Replies

  • Well done , your body is now more adjusted to running and your fitness and stamina are improving :)

    I used to sweat for what seemed like the rest of the day or evening , it does get better :)

    Hydration is important too :)

    Grafuation awaits you :)

  • Fantastic post JaySeeSkinny! Brilliant achievement for you, and as always, great motivation for the rest of us :)

    Sounds like C25K is absolutely getting you back into running, for life this time, and the improvements with your speed and stamina are fabulous. You are definitely getting somewhere this time and must be really, really chuffed and proud :)

    And OMG Wk8 for you! Seems to have come around so quickly! You've stormed Wk7 and I know you'll be a super 8-er too! Go, go go! Show us how it's done x

  • I know, I know it's really frightening. Week 8! I'll do my best to motivate you all - and that'll be great motivation for me. Week 7 just flew by - it'll do the same for you, just you wait!

  • That's fantastic, well done! Keep going and remember to let your body recover so you can make strong progress.

  • Well done jaysee.

    Im very excited for you that its all falling into place and starting to feel good. Im running out of route a bit too and have to double back on myself to use up all my running. Good init....:) :) :)

  • Brilliant post, so motivational! You are doing amazingly...

    Take it steady and run your fabulous way through week 8...:)

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