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W6r2 done!

Mr Rainbow asked last night if I was going to go out running, then told me I really should... Well, I really didn't want to, but when he's right, he's right! I reluctantly went and got changed, reluctantly put my shoes on, and reluctantly dragged myself out the door.

I hadn't entirely decided until the last minute whether I was going to repeat run 1, or brave the move to run 2; there was no particular need to repeat the first one, other than sheer cowardice about moving on. I know many people are glad to leave the intervals behind, but it feels like a huge step to me, and I don't feel quite ready to take it yet... Maybe I'm more prepared than I know - we'll find out in a few days!

So, anyway, I downloaded the podcast for run 2 and decided that even if I only did the first run interval and bits of the second, that would be better than not running at all. And off I went.

Down the road, round the first cul-de-sac, time to start running. Round the second cul-de-sac, into the fields. Getting quite dark, and I'm feeling wimpy, so only go along the first field then turn back towards the village (the second and third fields are alot more up-and-down, and less even). Back around the second cul-de-sac, and WALK! Phew, made it.

All too soon, the walk was over and time to run again. OK, let's see what I can manage. If I think of it as three lots of 100 breaths, that feels easier. First hundred managed ok, round the first cul-de-sac and along the main road. Into the second cul-de-sac, still managing to run. Doing better than I thought I might, for sure... Final hundred breaths, I can do this, I just need to be positive! Two minutes to go... Hey, I really can do this, relax, speed up a bit to

a comfortable pace instead of holding back all the time to make sure I

have enough to keep going. Into the field, despite the dark - it's still just about light enough, whoops, nearly ran into the face-height bramble but noticed it *just* in time! And DONE!

And I managed to judge it so perfectly that the final walk ended about 150 yards from home! :) Hot and sweaty (sorry!) but so chuffed that I did it.

My knee still feels fine, so the combination of extra rest days and repeating runs is definitely working well - all I need now is the confidence that I really can move on with this programme and will get the love of running back. At the moment it's mainly very hard work, with moments of joy, and I'm struggling to remember how much I've enjoyed it in the past. I mean, I know I have, that's why I keep going back to it, but I'm having to rely on the enjoyment of everyone else here to keep me going at the moment. It will come, I'm sure...

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Well done for keeping on - hold on to the moments of pure joy...

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Well done - I bet you feel a real sense of achievement!


Definitely. Although at the moment my main motivation is to either have graduated before my holiday, or at least to be in a position to do my graduation run while I'm away...But this was a big step on the way! :)

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Well done you... :) The husbands are great at the encouragement aren't they.... Hmmmm ?

Keep it slow and keep it steady, some days are harder than others, we have runs when we run through treacle, and runs where we fly...but the highs make up for the lows, and every run is getting you there :)

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Loved your run, I was with you all the way. Hurrah for you


Glad someone else has the same apprehension as I do about the lack of intervals - and went on to prove it is not the end of the line for us. I'm getting the collywobbles about my next run - w5 - r15! - w3(thats all ??!!!!) - r5- w5.

It feels like its getting a tad serious now - but then I think of w1d1 and how overwhelming that appeared at the time. Good to know though as I said that it is 'normal' to feel a bit intimidated still at this stage - and still do it :)


Great post, was definitely with you 😄


Yay for completing it! You can and you WILL be able to move on. Trust in the programme, you know it works! :)


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