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Restarting from Wk7

I haven't run for 2 weeks and haven't been running 3 x a week for almost 2 months due to various reasons. I am feeling very out of condition so decided that I would go running with Michael Johnson to get me back on track. So, tomorrow morning I will be blowing the dust & cobwebs off my running gear & getting my expanding rear through the door for Day 1 Wk 7. Photo & report will be posted tomorrow. xx

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Hi there! I wondered where you were:) Things do conspire don't they ?

I do know exactly how you feel... talk about feeling sluggish and 'can I still do this-ish;...?

But it is still there... we are runners and we do find the path again and when we do ...phew, what a relief!

I think your plan is a good one... I almost, when the Physio gave me, the all clear to start out again, thought of starting C25K from the beginning, but he suggested a schedule for me:)

You are one strong and determined lady and you will be out there tomorrow, spiders hanging to your laces and cobwebs flying.... plus....I shall be watching for your post.

We will all be there with you!

Go for it x


Thanks Oldfloss :)

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I know that feeling - I haven't really been running regularly since I graduated!! Everytime I think, ok - let's get out there 2 or 3 times a week, something else comes up (or I fall down!!!). But, you can do this - as can I. I have tried a couple of week 5 runs and then yesterday's Parkrun/walk - I'm going to restart at week 5 properly and we can both re-graduate!!


Sounds like a plan - I am going out this evening. Good luck with your run x


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