Couch to 5K

Restarting C25K

Did run 2 of week 1 today.

I got bitten by a dog last summer and haven't run since. So this is the third time of starting C25K.

I got ill after the first time but was enjoying running 30mins, then restarted and again enjoyed my runs (well slow jogs really). But I was running past a farm and a terrier chased after me and nipped me on my leg. I got really freaked and because I don't really like dogs, stopped going out.

So, third time for this programme. Wish me luck, and more importantly help me keep motivated. It won't be long before I will be doing my jigs after work and that is going to be hard.

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well done for getting back out there :) especially after the dog thing ,cant be easy as so many dogs and dog walkers out and about . You will be fine doing C25K again :) we are all behind you and here for advise encouragement and a kick up the bum if required :)


I am on my third attempt too! Well done for sticking to it...we can do it!


I remember your post about this so really well done for starting again. It was a horrible experience and I'm not surprised it put you off.

You'll probably go through the weeks quite quickly as your body will remember!

Keep posting and the very best of luck to you.


Well done for starting again. I'm so sorry you've been bitten. I'm a dog fanatic and have a dog walking business. Many terriers can be a nightmare. I'm a Labrador woman myself and my dogs would lick you to death. I just feel so awful for anyone who is frightened after something like that. Just hope you don't have that experience again. My mum was terrified of dogs after having an Alsatian bite her as a child but my dogs have totally changed her and she loves them now :)

Hope your running goes really really well and you go storming through the programme. Would love to read about your progress :) xx


I certainly know how you feel. I get followed by dogs here in chile and I am a dog lover but wild dogs are a different story! I worry about being bitten all the time but I don't let it put me off! Good luck and you will find support here,you can do it!


Thank your or your support folks. Although I should have had a days rest, I went out again today. I feel fine and have finished week 1.

I have to say though going out at -4 was probably not sensible as I have Raynaulds and my feet are so cold that I dDon't do my full 5 min warm down-did just 2 mins then had a good stretch at home. I am now waiting for my feet to return to a normal temperature before showering: trying to avoid chilblains!

I will have a shot at week 2 on Friday (Thursday returning my son to his Uni home so driving most of the day).

I have to say I am finding it a tad easier this time round. Although saying that, I doubt I'll sail through week 2.

So far all the dogs I am meeting are on leads which is a relief. They really do freak me out now, especially if they bark.


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