Restarting week 2

Time to be honest.. I have just come back from holiday and I took my running stuff with me but didn't do any running. We were out all day everyday walking and sightseeing so it's not like I was sat the whole time.

Now that I'm back im finding motivation hard and I think if I post on here it will force me to go out today and restart week 2 and carry on where I left off. I guess I'm just on a bit of a holiday come down and the prospect of back to work looming and scheduling everything in!

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  • Running shoes on, podcast / app switch on and leave the house. You'll feel great afterwards. Post on here after your run to let us know how it goes. 🌟

  • Great advice that I followed... Just got back! It was really hard because of the break and my legs still feel so stiff when I'm running. I don't think I have good trainers for running... They're certainly not running trainers!

    So glad I did it though and it's given me motivation to do the runs this week now! Got to keep it up!

  • Well done! I liken it to the dentist - dread the thought of it, get on with it, never as bad as you think it will be xxx

  • And you feel great afterwards xxx

  • That's a great analogy! Haha

  • Excellent stuff well done you. It's hard sometimes eh x

  • Yes, do it!

  • Come on out you go. You will feel so much better about it when you have xx

  • Life (and holidays) happen πŸ™‚ Just go out the door in your Running gear and take the next few "one foot in front of the other" as it happens. I don't think many here graduate "on time" anyway ☺ I was between jobs all through the programme and it still took me extra weeks to graduate and I am still working up to 5K. Slow and steady, trust the programme, read lots of posts for support and info - we are all in this together ☺

  • Excellent motivational advice, thank you! I went out.. It was hard but it's spurred me on to continue! This board is helping so much!

  • My legs still ache after running but week by week is getting easier. I'm not saying don't buy new trainers but I run in what are technically "Walking" trainers. They weren't cheap but they are well cushioned , comfortable and don't rub . Although I do plan to buy some more trainers. These will eventually wear out. Any exercise is better than being a couch potato.

    The benefits of running and feeling of achievement is great. Beats being a couch potato.

    Well done for making a start. Keep it up.

  • That's very true! My trainers offer little padding and are completely flat and I feel like my foot kind of slaps on the ground. My arch is not supported at all. I don't know if that would have an affect on my legs aching but it just feels like my running is kind of awkward and feels unnatural!

  • Maybe you could get some new trainers? I bought a pair at sports direct they were Β£35 in the sale. Really comfortable too.

  • You can do it πŸ˜€ I am on holiday and just finished wk 2 . Loved the change of scenery , first time ever I have taken running gear away and actually used it πŸ˜‚ Keep it up if I can do this You can πŸ˜€πŸ‘

  • Well done for doing it whilst on holiday!! And congrats on finishing week 2, sounds like we are at a similar stage!

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