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Week 7 Run 3

Not sure what to write about todays run. Words that could have described it was humiliating, embarassing, but I choose to use hard working and determined. I arrived earlier thatn normal at the park and school children had just left school. On one occasion a group of girls pointed and laughed as I approached and they giggled "look at him" and thenlater in the run a couple of boys on bikes rode along side me then said " keep up fatty" - Kids can be so cruel. To be honest I felt saddened but more for them than me. I am out here doing what I enjoy and makes me happy and I am not going to let any snotty kids take that away from me. About my run - I think i managed to slow the pace today as I didnt feel that major slump in speed. I was looking forward to seeing my KM splits but runkeeper recorded the 25 min run but only had me doing 2.5 km and I know I did at least 4km. Although I was tired I had a minutes rest and decided to finish of the 5km route and i did so just under 6 mins later (about 1/2km) I can and will complete 5km. My big goal is to do a half marathon next year but I want to enjoy these 5km runs. Onwards to week 8. Has it really been that long only feels like a few weeks ago that i was running for a minute.

Keep on going every one!!!

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Very, very well done indeed... a great run on so many levels...:)

Take is gently as you move onward :) You are going to reach your goal in time.

Some children, and not just children, have the ability to be extremely hurtful; not responding was the best thing you could have done...:)

What's that quote...?

" The Lion does not turn around when a small dog barks"

Go Lion.. we hear you roar... :)


Well done on carrying on! I’d have withered and slunk away so good for you 💪🏻 🏃‍♂️happy running!

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Hate teenage kids.


Bless you, I know exactly that feeling. I have a pair of little missys just down the road that love to see me coming and then put on their best impressions of me whilst screeching "let's go jogging!" The child in me withers a little each time but it is so sad that youngsters (and these are not teenagers Tasha99, they can be no more than 9 or 10) first port of call is to be mean. I keep my smile firmly in place and think to myself if they can do this when they reach my grand old age then they can scoff all they want. Like you I'm having fun and living my life the way I see fit.

It's so frustrating when the data is so obviously out but you're doing great, you can feel it, that's what counts 👍 We're with you 💪😁


They are always big and clever in a group ,

I don't fit into the community where I live, (not original from here ) I no longer go to the sports club or pub in village with my partner for fear of one women and her band of merry friends ,

I have been told she is a bully?

I cried for days after she decided to bully me ,

As I have been doing this C25K I have been pointed at by these women, As the weeks have gone by I now hold my head high

This programme has given me a new found confidence ,

I don't care what these people think now , they know nothing about me as a person ,

So it's definitely not just children that are cruel 😡


Rotten cow. I try to live by the saying "what anyone else thinks is their problem"

Its 100% true but not always easy I grant you.

I usually find it easier to pity horrible adults as I think they must be terribly unhappy and bitter people to be so mean to those they don't even know. 👎

I'm glad the programme is giving you renewed confidence in yourself 🤗


I don't think she will try to bully me again? She will have to catch me first 😂😂😂


Very well done for keeping your cool and getting through the run! You're getting closer to the podium, that's what matters. Slow and steady first: hope your next run will be far more pleasant!


Ignoring those kids is the best thing you could have done. I think I might have given them a big smile and said "come on then, come and join me".

Well done for carrying on anyway, that takes a lot of self-confidence!

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I have to ignore them as I dont want them to spoil something that I enjoy. If I gave into them tonight I may not have got back into it again


Tough situation these days. Simpler in my day, you'd catch the wee sods by the collar and administer a swift kick in their derriere.

But - I did learn a funner way to deflate an asshat. I was walking with a friend when a scumbag he'd busted in the past drew up beside us.

Said scumbag started shouting all sorts of filthy names and dire threats. My instinct was to haul him out through the window of his crapmobile and beat him to death with his own exhaust pipe.

But my buddy just kept smiling at him, waving his finger tips and saying over and over 'I love you too'

It was hilarious - ever see a scumbag get so crazy angry with frustration he nearly bites his steering wheel ? 😂😂

Ever since I've tried to react to verbal assault similarly - and nine times out of ten it ends with me chuckling and the asshats slinking off eating their hearts out :)

No reasoning with the unreasonable, no getting down in the mud with scum 😋


Blimey - well done you. I wouldn't have been able to cope with that nastiness!

And concentrate on the good things - you completed Week 7!! Yay you!

See you in Week 8. Happy running. 😀👏👏👏

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