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Lost my mojo

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It's a bit of a long story but I went on holiday to Cuba at the end of June for 2 weeks,

I didn't want to lose all my progress so I went to the gym to run on the treadmill 3 times in the first week I was so pleased with myself!

But then disaster struck my baby became ill he wouldn't sleep eat or drink and had terrible upset stomach the hotel dr said he had tonsillitis but even with antibiotics he didn't get any better??

On the day we was due to return we ended up going to the clinic where they said he had bronchitis?? The dr gave us permission to fly so we can home but he just got worse so we ended up in a&e he was admitted and put on antibiotics he's so much better but is still on the mend so as you can imagine trying to get a run in has been proving difficult as I'm so tired through lack of sleep!!

I did 20 mins on Friday and 25mins today but I had to have a break in between because of a stitch!! I just feel like I've hit a wall and running 30mins seems impossible any advice??

Ps I found out 2 days ago via environmental health that my baby was infected with salmonella 😑😑😑

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You have done extremely well to get out at all with your difficulties. Well done. I hope things settle down and all are well.

I would give yourself a bit more time, until your tiredness has passed. Try the thirty minute run, if that's where you are in the plan. If you can't complete it, absolutely no shame in repeating until you can. We all have to do this coming back from breaks, wherever we are in our running careers.

After all that emotional upset, especially if tired still, you might prefer to just do a couple of shorter, slower runs to clear your head. Don't feel pressured by the programme........you are in control.

Thank you for your kind words!!

I think all the added stress has just made me over think my running might just do another 2 runs this week where I just do what I can and try to destress and attempt to try w9r2 next week!

If I'm honest I'm amazed I've made it this far I never in a million years thought I would be able to run!!


Gosh what a terribly worrying time you have had... thank goodness your small one is on the mend now :)

Firstly, although running can be so useful in helping us release our tensions and stress and worries, it can work against us... or at least the running gremlins can try to make it so!

So... be kind to yourself...there is a reason for this blip! You are a runner and you will be back on form again..know it and believe it!

Not sure where you are on the programme, I know you had a blip a few weeks ago, with tonsillitis?? ( Bad memory, me) Are you about week 8...?

Just have a run... gentle and relaxed...forget time, distance... just run and feel all the negativity from the worry of your little one's illness, float away behind you... until it disappears.... just enjoy the run, and move forward lightly and gently. feeling your strength coming back... then when you are rested mentally, and feel strong enough, move on.

We are right there, running by your side x

Njfarrell in reply to Oldfloss

I can be quite negative person I do try not to be but I'm more than likely going to think I can't do this rather than I can!!

But it is something I'm working on as like I said to iannoda truffe the never thought it was possible to make it this far!!

Yes that's right tonsillitis sucks (I'm on the waiting list to have them removed) I'm up to week 9 I've done 1 run so just 2 more until I graduate!!

Thank you for your kind and positive words it really does help!!

Going to rest tomorrow and get back out Friday and Sunday then I'm going to attempt w9r2!!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Njfarrell

Not attempt.... do! You are going to be just fine.. take us with you :)

Sorry to hear your baby was so poorly, it is such a worrying time when your children are ill. I don't know whether it's your cup of tea but I practise mindfulness & there are some great (free) meditations you can download which might help with confidence, positivity & self compassion. I listened to one before I did my very first wk1 run because I was so convinced I wouldn't make it up the road! Before you go out sit still, close your eyes & take 10 deep breaths, then go! Good luck with week 9.

I just managed to do a full 30 minutes!!!

Literally just got home!!

Feeling rather pleased myself!!


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