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Lost my way & my mojo

Not for the first time have I lost my way & my running mojo.

I've found it really hard to stay motivated recently & ive not run for 8 days due to a sickness bug that wouldn't go away.

I am feeling physically better now so am going to try & run tomorrow morning.

I've not been following a training plan since graduating which could be my downfall. I was aiming to do City of Manchester 10k on 12th July but the furthest I've run is 5k & I'm running out of time to build up my distance.

Need to visit this forum more often to keep support & motivation up. You guys were great at helping me get through c25k.

Tomorrow is a new day. Even if I just do a short run that'll be better than no run.

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Hi Poodle, sorry to hear youve not been well and glad youre feeling better xxx

I wouldnt worry too much about missing out on your training for the 10k.

I missed lots of training for my GMR and had run nowhere near 10K , I think I got up to about 6k , but still managed to complete it . I was following a plan and then I suffered problems with my hip and I didnt train properly for months .

The crowd pull you around and I did a run/walk for quite a bit of it as I thought I was going to throw up after 4k !

Start with a gentle steady run tomorrow and see how you go on .

I am sure you will have a brilliant day on the day. These events are really well planned and supported and the adrenalin just gets you through

I am sure you will be fine xxx


Don't worry MP, we'll get you back on track. Sorry to hear that you've been under the weather.

Right, your upcoming 10km race. That's 6 weeks away, so you have time to build up to it. Try a 3-run per week strategy, with a 5km run, a tempo run of 3-4km (or a slow, relaxed run if you need it), and a longer run, increasing 10% each week from 5km.

Ask yourself... can you _walk_ 10km on 12 July?? Of course you can.

Can you _run_ 10km on 12 July?? "Maybe".

=> so there must be a speed faster than a walk that will get you round 10km in 6 weeks time.

With 6 weeks to go the aim is preventing injury, so don't ramp the mileage too fast. If you need any motivation, re-read The Tea Fairy's post of earlier today :-)

Best wishes, and keep up appraised of your progress.

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I love this forum :)

Thanks Marky & Poppy. You've picked me up.

It's 6am & am up in my running gear. Just having a cup of tea then I'll go out for a run. Not sure how far I'll go, it depends how I feel once I'm out there. Hoping for 5k but haven't run for 9 days so that may be hoping for a bit much today after that bug.

Marky will try your strategy of 3 runs a week & hope for the best.

Poppy, I'm hoping the crowd will cheer me round. Well done on your 10k.

Thanks so much guys, you're the best.


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If you can run 5k in May, you can run 10K in July. Stick to a plan, run three times a week and try not to increase the distance too quickly. Best of luck.


Sorry to hear you have been unwell. It is always difficult to get back in routine after a break. I missed one run last week, because husband was away and found it difficult to go to my run yesterday, but really enjoyed it when I actually did go.

Well done putting your gear on and going for a run! I hope you had fun.

I think you will do fine in your race. You still have lots of time to practice. Don't be afraid to use walking breaks if needed. I have signed for up for HM in October and I am using run-walk-run for my long runs.

Happy running. Don't give up!


Poodles need exercise. That means that Mancunian poodles need exercise and a barmcake reward afterwards. I'm glad you got out there - you can nail that 10k, easy peezy lemon squeezy. I'm of to sort out my virtual cheerleader gear.

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As everyone agees, 10k in July is very do-able if you are already running 5. Give yourself a couple of runs to try out a run/walk technique as that is just about guaranteed to get you around (it does need a little practice beforehand - when I first used it, I found that as I had spent so long focussing on continuous running, I found it really hard to start running again once I had stopped doing run/walk). You will have a great run in July, I'm sue!


Thanks guys. I only managed 3.5km this morning. I could have pushed myself to go further but I thought best not to after a sickness bug.

I'm off to South of France to visit my Mum tomorrow until Saturday so will take my kit with me. It's due to be 31 degrees on Friday!! I think I'll be getting up early & running :)


You got out and you ran, that shows guts and determination. Well done, Poodle. If you stick to the usual 3 times a week, including during the hot days in France (ouch, better you than me, that's for sure!) then you'll be ready without a worry. You can do it :)


thanks Tomas


Good luck Mpoodle. I feel your pain as two weeks after graduating couldn't run for another 2 weeks as had chest infection. I'm slowly getting back into it but like you have thought about a redo of week 9. Have a lovely time in France and hope the nice weather sees you getting them trainers on and doing 5k by the end of the week.


thanks Julia - hope you're recovering ok


The chest is better but the motivation is still not there. I've got a week off and had planned on getting backup to 5k by the weekend. It's cold and wet and I'm sat in with a cuppa. I hope you have better luck and look forward to hearing how well you do in France. Might kick start my motivation lol. Have a great week :-)


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