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Has Seriously Lost My MoJo

I must apologize in advance for the outburst that is about to follow.......


There, it's out there now and so sorry again for the language but that's just how I feel right now. After a fairly long break (on holiday for my 30th birthday - lots of food and drink and NO running - so 10 or 11 days missed), I was slightly worried about my run on Monday. So I thought I won't push myself and aim for a 15 min run. Despite desperately needing a wee for most of it (that's never happened before and it was HORRIBLE), I managed to run for 30 mins. Oh my! You should have seen the look on my face! I was SO happy. Granted, it wasn't easy but it wasn't terrible either. After a few poor runs earlier in May, I was so glad to be back on track. AND I continued to walk until I did a full 5k - yey!

Tuesday and today my legs ached a bit but they didn't feel tired or painful. I shared some treadmill tales with a guy in work, and despite having a really horrible day, I was looking forward to my run tonight.

Then it all went a bit wrong. The treadmills now have this feature where you can sign in and record your progress and set targets and whatnot. After 3 attempts at logging in, I finally managed to get going. Oops! Then I realized that I didn't get my flannel out of my bag. So I had to stop and get it. Oh, now my music is all out of sync. Pink is halfway through her first track. Oh well, never mind, I must continue on with my warm up walk. I did my 5 mins and started running - at last. 1 min later I feel like I need a wee again. Seriously? I went to the loo not 10 mins ago! Oh no! I don't want this feeling for the next 30 mins again!!! What is going on? The first 5 mins of running is ALWAYS the worst for me and tonight was no different. Then, during my 6th min, my legs just seized up. Not like an agonizing cramp, but a tight, bunching feeling all up the back of my thighs. I managed a few more seconds but then I just had to stop.

I did a few mins of walking then attempted to run again. No, it's no good. My legs feel like angry jelly! Tight but wobbly. More walking, trying to loosen my legs up (the full bladder feeling easing at least). Another try at running - can't even do 30 seconds now. Trying not to cry, I focus on walking the remainder to 2 miles.

So not even a 10 min run tonight - so upset!!! Having a cry in the car on the way back home (BF driving, not me!), my BF tried to cheer me up. God, he does a damn good pep talk! So despite feeling so disappointed, I can see now that my body was not quite over the shock of running again on Monday and I did what I could. I TRIED. My Mum too had some lovely words of comfort and now I must focus on my next run on Friday. The stupid thing is, I know that I can do it - I've done many 30 min runs. I just need to get back into the flow!

Sorry about my rant and thanks for listening (well reading actually but you know what I mean!) xxx

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Poor old you don't beat yourself up over it I have a very similar tale during my first attempt I got to week seven and had had loads of minor niggles then fractured my sacrum big ouch so four months off started back at week three got to week eight tore a quad really badly five months off ..... Got back ya completed !,,, then three weeks ago I got a horrible chest infection and need to get motivated to get going again work is very hectic and I'm very tired but the scales say get running! So Saturday I'm off again what you seem to forget you are troubled by it so it will happen running is just a habit and if you stop you just need one good run and your hooked again ..... Go for it girl ;) x


Oh dear :-( But don't worry, your mojo not lost - just temporarily gone AWOL. It'll be back before you know it - maybe try some different exercise for a day or two? Just remember, without these lows, we wouldn't appreciate the fabulous highs when it all comes together!


Oh dear, it sounds like you've had a torrid time :-(

Maybe try popping to the local park or similar and run outside. Personally, I just can't get with Treadmills, it feels so different running on a treadmill to outside in the fresh air. Maybe pick a nice evening around 7pm when it's slightly cooler and try a change of scenery.

Of course everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences, but mixing it up makes you less reliant on the routine of your timing and music, etc.

Maybe download a podcast or an audio book instead of music.

If you run outside you can pick and plan different routes using (I have 4 different routes planned out and never run the same one twice in two days).

It sounds like you have a wonderfully supportive family and you sound very determined. Stick at it and maybe mix up your routine a little bit.

Good luck.


I was unable to exercise at all for about 12 days due to an ear infection which affected my balance, and I just kept dozing off. Started again on Tuesday with some Tai Chi and was a bit tired afterwards. Went for a longish walk yesterday, included some hills and again felt tired and achey afterwards. I went out for a 30 minute walk this morning and could only manage 15 mins. It is very disappointing but I'm not going to beat myself up over it - I will do a short Pilates workout later today and just ease into exercise again slowly. I won't be attempting to run until next Monday at the earliest. Good luck with your test results and hope you are able to run again soon.


I think we are hard on ourselves even when we know we shouldn't be. Especially if we have to take a few steps backwards on the journey to get back on our way safely. Like your support team said, you tried. You had a little while off and it'll take a few runs to get back into the flow. You maybe went a little too gung-ho into the first workout, and maybe got a smack in the head. It's all fine. You'll find your rhythm again and be on your way.

It it were a good party eh? ;-) and anyway, who doesn't need a good cry now and then. S'good for ya.

Here's to the next (gentle) run?


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