Couch to 5K

stepping stones - more like stepping over horrible stones

well I'm a graduate right!

a runner yeah?

I can do 5k = i've done 7 of them now

I can nail my runs.... but I hate the damn canal towpaths

so for the first attempt at stepping stones I thought I would again venture out along the canal - running was good - up over the bridges and across the locks and onto nice smooth tarmac - but at 2.7k some kind person had driven over the 2nd bridge and taken a load of small stones with them.

well they were well and truly stuck into the sole of my shoe & some in between by ankle and the the shoe on the inside.

ouch ouch and OUCH - stopped to remove and refit the shoes but just couldnt find the pace again.

slow walk home after 20 mins running - no 5k tonight..... no more canal for me

Hoping everyone else is managing to Run Happy?

happy park run everyone !!

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That must have been very disappointing for you. Hope you find a better route next time. Keep on getting out there! You are one of my inspiring people - I need you to get out there too!


awwh thank you Beek - yes disappointing tonight not to do a full run, but hey - I got out there and I you will too.

graduation has got to be close for you by now - hopefully you are seeing your own progress improve too?

Happy running


Not going very well at the moment. Not getting out enough but not going to stress about it any more! I'll get there - eventually, i hope!


Small stones??.... Oh dear. Shake em out and off you go.. The canal must be done


I know - but by the time I have unlaced, sorted out and relaced up again - it's kind of lost the edge and just couldn't get back into it..

I will conquer the canal - I just didn't do it this time :(


I think you can find the edge again, little stones can be tossed aside


I do my running on the canal paths round here to get away from the traffic mostly, some drivers on the country lanes are just plain dangerous. Usually nice and peaceful the only problem is the surface. Broken tarmac with no sign of getting re laid it can be tough on the ankles and invariably you can end up with small stones in your shoes, so can understand how having to stop and remove them can break your rythm.


hiya, I am just starting out on week 3, but this is the second time around after falling ill last year, finding somewhere to run is the difficult part, the run I used last year is now being dug up for a new housing development, I have settled on a dirt track but it is no good if it is raining :-(


I had a tough park run this morning. No rhythm and really hard work. Think we all have them sometimes!


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