Hello everyone- I'm just starting out

I've just started week one, completed my second run today. I feel a bit (no, more than a bit) apprehensive - I'm 57, about a stone overweight and haven't done any real exercise for years. I lost my husband a couple of years ago, and it's only now I feel I might be able to do this. I'm aching but hope I can do this. Good to see many people have been successful on this site.


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  • Hey Ellie welcome to the most supportive running club in the world. You've already done something amazing by getting up and at it. Seriously there's no talk of failure here, no backbiting or bitching, just a group of folks who started out one time just like you. Don't fear the programme, its tough but fair. If you need help, a hug, a scream or want to cheer, here is the place to do it. Good luck for Run 3.

  • That's good to know. Thanks, next run on Thursday. Even the word 'run' seems strange to me.

  • I 'run' with Mr Smooth, Michael Johnson and prefer to call it a date.... ;)

  • Very good - that's certainly an idea. I chose Sarah Millican but could be swayed.

  • Sarah has lots of fans too, so don't think you're going for that big scary word called a run on your own. Sarah's joining you for a meander.... seriously this programme works well and there's such a nice bunch of people, you'll do fine and each day you will see there's another newbie just like you.

  • I run with Sarah and love the way she encourages me lol

  • Hi Ellie. Everything Jancanrun said says it all. Good luck and well done for giving it a go. We all have to start somewhere and this forum is great. Keep us posted with how you're doing :)

  • Many thanks for your support, will do!

  • Hi Ellie Good to meet you! Welcome to the wonderful world of running and this amazing forum. Keep going, slow and steady and trust the programme. Enjoy and keep posting.πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  • Thanks so much

  • This place is amazing - not sure I would have graduated without it. When you have an amazing run and want to blow your own trumpet then we're here to share your happiness. When you have a bad run we're here to share that too. I'm about 4 stone overweight and have never ever been able to run before - despite multiple attempts through my 20s and 30s - and here I am, at 44, able to run for 30 minutes!!!!! You will too. The programme is AMAZING - and we're all here to see you through it!

  • Hello Rebecca, that's so good to hear. Like you I've tried before and not succeeded, this time I'm really hoping to get through to 5K

  • You just have to believe you can do it - and when you struggle with that, believe everyone on here when they say you can do it, because you can! I took longer than 9 weeks - I repeated a few weeks as I was finding them challenging and didn't feel ready to move on. IF you're finding it tough, you could consider the same - it's getting there in the end that counts!!!!!

  • I managed 2 5k's on holiday fast walking and running together felt great afterwards that I'd achieved it x

  • Do you feel that running helps with losing weight? As I'm finding that part hard. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  • Hmmmmmm - the jury's out on this one. I have lost some weight but not as much as I'd hoped because my BMI makes me obese - and I'm still obese. However, my shape has changed and I've dropped at least one dress size. In order to lose more weight I need to address my diet too. I eat fairly healthily but I need to cut out the snacks. Having said all this, It's a long time - if ever - that I've felt this healthy. I sleep less but my sleep is better quality, I have more energy and my skin is glowing. It's swings and roundabouts really!

  • Thanks for your reply. I suppose if you've noticed a change in your shape and dress size something is happening πŸ˜„πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ I do feel much better after starting this so I'll keep at it x

  • Oh yes, something is definitely happening. However, 1kg of muscle is denser than 1kg of fat so as your fat changes into muscle you won't lose weight but you will lose bulk. Lots of friends have noticed I've lost weight so I think that the stone that I've lost actually looks like much more. Keep going - this is an amazing programme and whilst we all have difficult runs, now I've graduated and I run the runs that I want to, it's much more enjoyable.

  • Hello Ellie. Great that you have found this forum. Everyone here is so friendly and supportive. Just take one run at a time and it just builds up slowly. Best of luck!

  • Hello there, many thanks for your support. I'm sure you're right about taking it slowly. Still nine weeks doesn't seem long for such an achievement!

  • No need to feel apprehensive. This programme works for people of all ages and weights. As long as you do what it says, go slow, and don't give up you can do it too.

    Any questions no matter how basic, post on here and you will get answers at least one of which will be useful.

    The feeling of achievement when you run further than you ever have before is amazing.

    Keep going and keep posting.

  • That's great, thanks for the encouragement.

  • Hi Ellie, well done you! I'm 61 and haven't exercised since school days! I've completed week 5 and plan to run W6R1 tomorrow. If I can do it I know you can! This forum is brilliant and it's great to be able share successes and frustrations with others. Keep at it.

  • Well done you too, by the sound of it. That's a real achievement and I hope I can follow in those footsteps.

  • Hi Ellie! I have just started out too! Did my second run this evening and doing my next on Thursday. Right now I can't believe I will ever run 5K. Was a struggle! Hope we make it though!

  • Hello there, the very best of luck to you too. Let's see how we get on tomorrow, it was a struggle for me too!

  • Well done - I too am on my w1 r3 tomorrow . This forum has already given me support enthusiasm and belief I can do and you will too . Nervous beginnings but we will graduate around the same time . I am 53 and slightly overweight - weight loss would be great but want to feel healthy and fit again .

  • Thanks, how did the run go? Mine is tomorrow. You're right, the important thing is to feel healthy rather than lose weight (but if it's a side effect would be lovely)! Good luck with it.

  • It was so much easier tonight - amazing only 3 runs in - next one Saturday . Let me know how you get on tomorrow 😍

  • Well done you, I did mine today too and at least completed it without falling over. Week 2 here we come.

  • Brilliant you two, you are true running buddies. Nice to see so much progress happening. It's good isn't it?

  • Welcome and well done for getting started.

    It's not always easy but it is doable. Trust in the programme, always take your rest days and keep it slow, slow, slow.

    I completed C52k just before my 60th birthday having been a committed non-runner for 59 years. I'm now regularly running for 30mins plus 3 times a week.

    If I did it you most definitely can. Keep posting to let us know how you get on.

    Good luck ... Go Ellie Go!

  • That's really inspiring, Wizziewood, I appreciate it, and well done on your achievement- brilliant. I'll let you know how I get on. Ellie

  • I'm 59 and just finished my 9 weeks, it's good fun and of course at the end you will be able to run 30 minutes. I did my first parkrun last Saturday. Just remember all steps are better than no steps. Have fun and good luck.

  • Hello there, many thanks for your message and encouragement. You're right, steps are important, and I've just reactivated my fitbit to get an idea of what I do outside of this. Congratulations on your first park run too, that seems way off to me, and is physically way off as my nearest ones are all about 40 miles away (I live in the wilds of Wales), but I've heard that park runs are great.

  • I have recently graduated- 3 stones overweight and extremely unfit - if I can do it you can do it! I went with the softly spoken Scottish man - Sanjeev - Sarah Millican was a bit shouty and cheery for me! It took me a whole day before I even got off the couch anguishing over which voice to accompany me! But I am so glad I did it- I now run every other day and generally do between 4 and 5 k each time - at the start in May this year I thought I was going to die when running for 90 seconds! Keep going😊

  • Hello Georgina, that's really great to hear. That's good advice, I think I may become a bit of a tart and try out all the presenters, Sanjeev sounds quite soothing. I can't believe the progress you've made from May, that's brilliant. Of course, in week one I've only been running for a minute, I think the 90 seconds comes in week two, but up for it.

    Many thanks again, that's a great achievement.

  • Sanjeev is great!! Hi Ellie - I'm 49, could do with losing 2 stone, and could never run, even at school! Can't believe I'm on week 6 and feeling like I've got the running bug. Like everyone else has said, slow is the way to go and you will do it! Sara πŸ˜€

  • Many thanks, Sara, week 6 is amazing. Well done, and I think Sanjeev might accompany me for week two!

  • Just a quick note, I switched to Sanjeev, lovely...

  • Thanks GeorginaJB - That really inspiring - even though I know iv done it before ( several years ago ) each week makes me nervous .

  • Good luck it's an incredible big step in the right direction !! You will have us all cheering you on πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Brilliant, I look forward to it. It's good to hear such positive support from everyone, many thanks.

  • Well done. Welcome to the gang. Keep at it. It's a great sense of achievement and actually becomes quite enjoyable / addictive after a while!

  • Thanks very much for the welcome. I'll take it on trust that it becomes quite enjoyable, I've just completed my third run and do feel a sense of satisfaction though. Whether that becomes addictive, we'll have to wait and see!

  • I ran 5k this morning in the pouring rain before 6am! I think it is a bit addictive😊Well done for keeping going

  • Gosh, addictive it is, but that's impressive. Can I ask a question- I'm an early bird like you - what do you eat before you run first thing? Thanks

  • I just drink plenty of water and eat when I get back

  • So Ellie _ Thursday's here, when's the run? Waiting to hear how you did as I am sure everyone else is too.... good luck if you still have to run....

  • Hello there - thanks for checking in on me. I'm really chuffed to say I actually did it. It wasn't easy but that added to the sense of achievement. I do appreciate the support. I haven't looked at what's needed for week 2 yet, just pleased I did week one properly.

  • Well done you, don't worry about Week 2, you're there already. Looking forward to your posts....

  • Don't bother week 2 until week 2 bothers you 😊

  • Very good advice, thanks!

  • Hi Ellie I'm 52 years young and have started couch to 5k I'm on my 3rd week and I managed to do 2 5k's whilst on holiday although I mixed them with walking fast and the jogging style of c25k. Feel very proud of myself so keep at it I also do Zumba 3x p.w which is good fun. You will ache after you runs so make sure you do stretch after each one x

  • Brilliant, thanks very much. We're on the same week but, and this is a big but, I have never managed a 5K in my life and you are clearly a tad fitter with the Zumba than me. Nonetheless, I'm sure this works for everyone at whatever pace (well, that's what I'm telling myself, the next run is tomorrow!). The best of luck with it Rb123

  • At 57, you are a mere babe! I'm 70 and more than a stone overweight but I graduated anyway. I got pulled into this program kicking and screaming that I was too old, but my son said, "This program is for EVERYONE!" so there you go! The program really works--glad to see you here!

  • Thank you so much for getting in touch - no excuses then. Congratulations on graduating too.

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