Just starting out!

Just starting out!

Hi All, today was my first day!! I managed to do 3 60 second runs in the time frame, I think I am running too fast and wearing myself out. If I try to jog though I get pains in my shins so just trying to find a happy medium. I'm planning on doing the program 3 times per week. Did everyone complete week one straight away with ease? I feel like I am perhaps far more un-fit that I thought I was...


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  • Hi and welcome ☺well done on starting out, complete it with ease? there may have been the odd one , if like me a minute seemed like a marathon but it does get better.

    Most of us started from the "very unfit" position so you are not alone ☺the key to it is running slowly and steadily to complete the timed runs, it isn't a race so you can do it in your time and your own way, if you need to repeat a run don't sweat it

    All I can say is the program works so trust the program take each run as it comes and believe in yourself you really can do this 😊

  • None of it was easy was it? I remember the one minute runs were torture and running from one tree to the next on on the three minute runs felt totally impossible. Now I can run 10 kilometres, ok it is a nice plod but the programme takes us from 1 minute runs to where we want to go - you can if I did!!

  • Easy definitely wasn't in the vocabulary doing it, the saying about seeing how far you have come is so true ☺

  • I often asked myself "when will I enjoy running?" I love thinking about going for a run, first few minutes of the run, ask myself why I do it, then get into it, after a run, I feel like an Olympic athlete

  • Welcome Zaliberry and well done for completing the first run!

    I did find the first run hard - but it was definitely because we were going to fast. Slowing down really helped and we were able to complete the programme.

    How are your trainers looking? These could be the source of your shin pain. Perhaps nip into a sports shop and get measured and a gait analysis done. You don't have to spend a fortune - but you do need to make sure your feet and legs are properly supported otherwise you will end up with some nasty injury (and no-one wants that).

  • Hi, I also found the 60 second runs first week surprisingly tough. I came back looking like beetroot woman!! But each time it gets a tiny bit easier- keep at it!!!

  • Well done you, I'm exactly the same and was thinking the same as you!

  • W1 wasn't easy but keep at it and tell yourself you'll suceed.

  • Nice and steady is good, rather than fast. That allows you to breathe comfortably and also to do the timed runs without too much of a struggle. Every week on the programme, I thought there is "no way" I will be able to do next week but my friend was doing it too, so no way I was going to repeat a week LOL - pride is a horrible thing but it worked for me! Lots of people do repeat weeks though, so it is entirely up to you. Nine weeks will go quickly and if I had taken more time over it, could have enjoyed it more. Anyway, most important thing is that you do the run times and don't get injured. Rest days are very important

  • I have just completed week 1, well done for getting started. I am seriously unfit and the first run nearly killed me! but the second one was a breeze, once you get used to it it's ok, make sure your knees are moving forward not up, land on middle of foot and make sure you have some padding in your shoes. my friend had to repeat week 1, 3 time before she could do it but then ran the london marathon, everybody is different just tae it slowly otherwise you will tire too easily. you can it hun!! :) x

  • Thank you all! These messages are giving me the encouragement and support I really needed. Next run is Friday and I'm looking forward to the challenge!

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