Just starting out

So after having these podcasts on my ipod for longer than I care to remember, I started this a few weeks ago, but a couple of niggling injuries curtailed things. This is now my second attempt at Week 1, and will hopefully be the first time I complete a week.

Generally my plans are Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, with a Pilates class on Thursday, but due to other arrangements this week I've done Tuesday, Thursday and will be doing Saturday as well.

Can't say I like Laura's choice of music, although I thoroughly welcome it when she tells me it's time to slow down! Today my right shin is aching and my achilles is tight. I'm hoping a few stretches and tonight's Pilates will sort that out.

I hit a bit of a wall on run 5 of the podcast but after a bried stop for some calf and shin stretches I got back into it.

I do feel it's pathetic that I can barely run a minute without struggling badly, but I decided I'd do this blog to track my progress and also because I had a read through other blogs where people also struggled to start but have managed to move on to the next weeks and run for longer. So unless you're all lying to me, or Laura is posting numerous blogs under different names, then I should also improve as the weeks go on.

Onwards and upwards, with copious gulps of water during the walking parts!


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14 Replies

  • Welcome aboard Buffster, Huddlers of the world unite!

  • Cheers mate. Look forward to reading about your progress too. Need to get a wee huddle clique on here and endomondo!

  • Jaysus, can you imagine some of the Huddle stuff appearing on here? The mind boggles!

    I'm still writing my blog on it, I promised myself I'd not look back over it until I get my graduation badge so am looking forward to that, hopefully in two weeks time.

  • Well done you. I'm on week 5 run 2 tonight ... bursts of 8 mins!! Help! When I started the 60 sec runs nearly killed me! Keep going! :-)

  • Cheers Lisa. i'm trying not to think too hard about the 8 minutes! The 60 seconds are killing me at the moment. If I can get to 8 minutes I'll be very pleased.

    Best of luck with your run tonight.

  • What are Huddlers?

  • Huddlers are the people who post on a football fans' forum called the Huddleboard.

  • Well done Buffster for starting out. Keep at it, the programme does work. I found those early days really hard but I made it through. Believe me when I say if I can do it anyone can. Looking forward to reading about your progress.

    Viki :-)

  • You might find slowing down a bit (or a lot) and taking smaller steps sorts out the leg aches and pains, and landing on your mid-foot, rather than on the heel. No need to race yet!

    Enjoy your journey!

  • I can't go much slower! I'm already running (shuffling?) about the same pace as I walk. I'll check and see how I'm landing though. The injuries are existing ones so I'll just have to stretch them as best I can.

  • Well Buffster ... I did it!! It was slow but I kept going. Have to say ... every bit of my body hurts and my face is burning. We can do it! :-)

  • You Can Run For 1 Minute! I dream of that! I aim to reach the dizzy heights of running at all! So be encouraged. You are making progress! You can do this. We can do this! Remember-

    "When you are going through hell....keep going!" -W Churchill

  • Someone on here sent me this link. It inspired me! 39stonecyclist.com/

  • I can run for 1 minute at the second attempt at week 1, and only about the same pace as I walk. First time out I barely made 30 seconds. Try even 10 seconds during your walk. You'll be amazed how quickly you improve.

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