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Just starting out

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hello, I'm hoping posting on here will keep me on track.

I've never been particularly healthy and this time last year I was tipping the scales at almost 20st. I spent last year focussing on my eating and managed to lose just over 5st by Christmas so I decided it was time to give exercise a go. I wasn't feeling confident enough to go outdoors so I've joined my gym and managed to complete my first run on the treadmill last night using the app. I can't believe I managed it but I feel so happy that I gave it a go. I did the walking sections at 7kph and the running sections at 10kph - not sure if this is good or bad for a first attempt but it felt manageable for me.

Hopefully things continue to go well over the next 9 weeks. I'm determined to hit that 5k goal!

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Slow and steady does it Daniel. It isn't to do with speed at all, it is about getting the strength and stamina built up to manage the lengthening blocks of continual running. Have never used a treadmill so can't really comment on the times, just try and trust that you really can run slowly and get through the programme. At thst point you can think about changing speed if you want to. Stick with it, it really makes you feel good and it works :) You'll get there and hey, well done losing 5 stone! That's quite an achievement.


Well done Daniel, Excellent!

There's no good or bad there, you did it! And you only have to be able to run for 30 mins to graduate. It's not about having to run 5k at the end of the programme although it's c25k. Running to 5k distance will come naturally as you become fitter..

Some can run 5k at the end of the programme, but they may have run in the past, be fitter, maybe younger, and have a lot less weight to lose.

Just take it steady, you are amazing, we are very proud of you on here, an inspiration, Keep it up!...😊

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Well done! the speed on the treadmill does seem quite fast. I used to use a treadmill and found 6.5 a very fast walk and i ran at 8.5. But I am 5'6" and a girl. I think the size of your step could have more of an effect on a treadmill? Ask one of the instructors - they should be pleased to help you.

Well done on the weight loss that is fab!

Keep going :)

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Dan, I started on the treadmill too, it was just easier to manage. i dreaded the thought of finishing too far from home and having to walk back. once you move on to outdoors though its much more interesting and you get hidden boosts, jumping up kerbs, over puddles, it all helps. I just don't go too far from home and that way I can adjust the route as I see the time ticking away.

You are right about posting to make yourself accountable and there are some really motivational people on here, see if you can find a member at the same level and start chatting.

good luck.

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Well done you for starting and well done for posting. Stay on here and you will do it.. the support you will get is unbelievable and the posts you write keep you on the ball!

As everyone will tell you, slow and steady, do what you are meant to and you will get there and when you do.. it is amazing! :)


Well done for making a start and committing yourself in public ! Don't worry at all about how fast you are going but if those speeds are manageable for you, stick with them. The important thing is to keep going for the duration of the podcasts and you WILL get fit enough to run that 5k. Good luck !


Well done on the weight loss - very impressive. Your speeds sound a little fast to me but see how you go. The important thing as this stage is to build up the length of time you can run.

Good luck!


The others have said it all really. Brilliant weight loss and to be honest the 10km per hour is, in my opinion, pretty good pace and would take you to 5km in 30 minutes. If you can continue with that pace then all good but don't worry about going a bit slower to get through the weekly challenges. It's already been said but everyone on here will provide all the encouragement you'll need all you have to do is believe in the programme and stick at it.


Congrats on the weight loss - most impressive

I did C25K on the treadmill - only heading outdoors when I didn't have to contend with intervals - I think your run speed sounds very fast - I don't (or should say didn't) run that fast even when I'd graduated. See how you get on - you may need to slow it down a bit as you progress - it isn't a race - all designed to build up your staying power - plenty of time to speed up later - if you need to

Keep at it


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