Just starting out

Hi everyone,

This is my first time posting and I'm hoping that using this forum will help me connect with others experiencing (or who've experienced) similar challenges.

I'm just starting c25k , I did my first run Thursday and am all set to do my second tomorrow (Sat). The first run was pretty tough and I walked through the last two runs so depending on how today goes I might extend week 1 to 4 runs rather than 3 just to give my body a little more time to adapt. But that decision can wait until after tomorrow's run!

I'm a little nervous about the pace of the program (that is to say that getting into shape enough to run 5k in 9 weeks feels quite lofty at this stage) and although my husband is very supportive he has no weight or fitness issues himself. In short, I'm hoping that connecting with others who are on a similar journey will just give me a little extra confidence and inspiration to keep me going when it gets tough!

If anyone has any tips for starting out, or just general motivation they'd like to share I'd really appreciate it!




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  • Welcome welcome. You'll find loads of support guidance help & a few laughs on here whenever you need them.

    Like you, when I started out I was a bit worried but I'm now on my last run of week 8 & I'm lovin it.

    The key is to go at your own pace through the programme & its more about building your stamina than your speed so don't worry about the 5K part. Listen to Laura & make sure you take rest days, oh & post on here as often as you need to. Most importantly enjoy it. Happy running! ๐Ÿ˜†

  • A big warm welcome to the forum. I'm on week 8 and this forum has been a massive help to me. There are some really lovely regulars on here who are always quick with advice and support. As far as the plan goes don't worry if you have to repeat a week or a particular run, not all of us complete in 9 weeks (I'm taking a lot longer). Good luck and happy running!

  • Good luck, Emma. Most of all, don't have unreasonable expectations of yourself. Try to enjoy it. Take it easy, follow the programme, don't worry about repeating weeks if you have to, and you'll be ok. Don't be surprised if your legs ache like hell for the first few weeks - it WILL get better!

    Keep us informed of your progress, and welcome to the C25K community!

  • Congratulations on getting out of the door - that is the hardest part.

    Many graduates on this forum remember and marvel at how hard the first week was, that running for 60 seconds at a time was so difficult, particularly when we are high on a good/ fast/ long (delete as appropriate, we're all different) run. Every one of us started from the couch with different (valid) reasons for being on it and different reasons for getting off it.

    You'll hear the same thing from any of us: take as many attempts at each run as you need, go at your pace, no one else's, make sure you take your rest days and don't worry about the 5k part, its going for 1/2 hour that is the aim.

    Have fun, it is allowed, and let us know how it goes!โ˜บ

  • Hi love! Just know that it works, have faith, stick at it. I cannot recommend this programme enough, i have my mum, sister and all my friends started on it too haha x

  • Welcome Emma. You've done everything 100% right so far! As well as getting out of the front door for your first run, you've also realised that you work through the program at your own pace, AND you've found this forum for encouragement! Post here as often as possible, and let us know how you are getting on. We have some really lovely members and this should give you the motivation to continue.

    One piece of advice - if it is no too late - try and use the podcast, rather than the app whilst you are running. I see quite a few posts of the app freezing or misbehaving. The music with the podcasts is part of the C25K experience.

    Welcome to the new, improved you! Enjoy C25K.

  • Well done Emma on starting! I have just completed week 3 today and would echo the comments above about the podcasts - these are definitely helping me. Good luck with the training and keep coming back to the forum, it is a great support

  • I started the programme at the beginning of January and wondered how it could be possible to get myself as a not very fit and a bit overweight late 50s non runner into someone who could run 30 minutes without stopping. To my surprise, I did complete in 9 weeks without needing to repeat anything. Other people have found it helpful to take a little longer over it. Trust in the programme, it really does work. Don't spend too long looking ahead, just concentrate on the challenge of whatever week you are on. Go really slowly. And try to get a running routine, so you go out on the same days/times as far as possible, it's harder to make excuses that way. Good luck.

  • Hi. The good news is that this program does work, even if it seems a bit scary at times. If it helps I'm 53, was 3 stone overweight and hadn't done anything resembling running for at least 20 years. After W1R1 I thought I was about to die. I'm now in W9, have lost half a stone, I'm fitter than I've been since my teens, and can run 30mins or 5k (but not quite 5k in 30 mins - yet). Best of all I've found that i love running. I also love the support and encouragement in this forum.

    Don't be scared to take extra rest days. Also in the first few of weeks, treat the length of the walking rests as advisory; don't start running again until you've got your breath back. Don't worry about doing that - the fitness will come.

    I'd suggest not repeating or extending weeks unless you really can't do the runs in that week. Some of the step ups from week to week look impossible, until you actually try them. Each week gets you fit enough for the next one.

    Welcome to the course; well done for getting out there, and good luck! Let us know how you get on.


  • Welcome Emma, I found posting every week really useful. It helped give me a focus and I always found the others on the forum provided encouragement and help if required. Plus it is nice for us to share in your progress.

    Good luck!

  • Welcome! As everyone says, you've done the hardest part, you've got off the couch and started. The only piece of advice I'd add to what everyone else has said is to remember that there is no such thing as too slow! On some runs you may well feel that your running pace is slower than your walk - don't worry. Speed will come later. The initial part of the program, at least, is about building stamina and for that it is the running action that is important, not the speed. Have fun and enjoy the program - it's lifechanging! :)

  • Hi Emma, it took me a few weeks to reach week 1, then a few weeks for week 2 then 3. I have now started week 4 and find it hard but I can do it. I will do week 4 for another 3 run at least. I have problems with the breathing. 1 2 3 4 is a bit too much for me, i do about a dz then revert to 1, 2, 3 and after a while it is "bugger this, 1, 2, 1, 2

  • Thank you everyone for all your warm comments and encouragement!

    Unfortunately this morning/over night I woke up with pretty bad cold! With a stuffy nose, headache and general 'ugh' sensation a run was not on the cards sadly. However, all is not lost, I managed to do a 30 minute walk instead plus an extra walk with my family so I'm not completely static! Hopefully couple of days rest and I can get back to that second run by the start of next week :) I'll post up when I do, but really wanted to post today to share my appreciation of all the responses I received. I'm still a little nervous about the program, but its tipping into nervous excitement now instead!

    Thanks again and hope you are all feeling well and out there running!


  • Congratulations on taking the plunge! I'm only on week 4 myself, and from the start I gave myself permission to repeat runs as much as I needed to. It's not a 9 week goal for me, I'm not too fussed about how long it takes me, as long as I keep at it. Slow and steady is my motto!! I haven't run since school (20+ years ago!). I was just a little curious what I could do. I know a few runners and as I'm otherwise reasonably fit, I thought I'd give it a go. Just keep going out 3 times a week I say, repeating runs whenever necessary. The last thing you want is to push too hard and injure yourself. Good luck and take care x

  • Hi Emma and give yourself a big pat on the back for starting C25k. I agree at the beginning it all seems very daunting and your thinking no way I will be able to manage it but you will and start to enjoy it too. Everyone on here is soooo lovelyyyyy and supportive really helped me no end. I graduated the other week and now am running just over 5k every run and totally addicted too even bought some really funky leggings as a graduation present to myself so keep positive and don't worry take your time some weeks will be harder than others but we all have the off days and enjoy. Look forward to hearing your progress.

    Hope your cold gets better soon too :-)

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