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Wow! I've done 30 mins in the early morning sunshine. I loved it...and I haven't loved all my runs by any means. I just can't believe that I've got to this point. It really has changed my life to feel so much fitter. It feels like a real achievement. And I love this forum. I read it every day and the positive posts and great advice have made me feel that I'm part of a great community, not doing it on my own.

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Yes I woke up early this morning, saw how beautiful it was and got straight out there too. Lots of other runners had the same idea. It's like a new world isn't it?!!

BexHMGraduate in reply to runlikeagirl

Yes, it's wonderful. I never imagined being one of the runners though!!

Gwibiwyr51Graduate in reply to runlikeagirl

Totally agree.


I also completed WK9R1 this morning, and I totally agree with your post regarding the forum and community. C25K should be on every billboard in the country.

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