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W9R1 - cannot believe it!

On a high - just in from running my first 30 minutes EVER!!!!!! Can't believe it. I am sweaty, red-faced, tired, but elated! The end is in sight and it feels good. I went out today in a simu-run for Sunday's race - I haven't run in the afternoon before and the weather is as forecast for Sunday - sunny and a bit warm. Made 4.6km in 30 minutes - delighted with that. Extended my current preferred route a bit in the middle and at the end and loved it. Has made me feel less anxious about the 5k race. The podcast is fun and I like the way there is a lot of Laura.

I actually felt a little like crying at the end of it - in a good way - I just feel that this has been such a long road for me. I will write a "proper graduation post" after I have done this three times (and after the race) - but I am so happy with the pleasure that this has given me, the sense of achievement, the changes in my lifestyle and physical and mental fitness it has resulted in. I am in a state of disbelief. Like many people here I have never been able to do anything like this before and it's taken a lot of effort - but there are aren't many things I have done in my life that have had such great pay-off.


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Well done SaCl! I had exactly the same feelings of elation when I did it! You can and should be really chuffed and I'm very happy for you :) Good luck for your race, but you can definitely do it! :)


Wow! That's brilliant! I'm only two days into the program but cannot wait till I can run for 30 minutes like you :) Well done to sticking with it! & Enjoy every minute of your 5k race, you've worked hard to get where you are :)


Thanks guys! That's right Rosey21 - I mustn't forget to enjoy the race after all!


Well done! Good luck in the race!


Congratulations ! Hope your race goes well :-)


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