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Week 2 complete

Week 2 completed the other day despite being away for much of the week, and I must say I felt the difference in my legs over Week 1 already - no real aches and the breathing much easier. However my dodgy back decided to grumble over the week (I've had a history of bad lower back) so that made the runs a bit more ouch. I've also noticed weirdly the front of my shins ache a bit, like in the bone almost, not the muscle, is that expected!?

Anyway onto Week 3 tomorrow and I must say I can't wait, I'm really enjoying this so far. Feels great to be Doing Something Good instead of just thinking about it!

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Very well done... if your shoes are okay, then try landing lightly and slow down... :)

Strength and flex on rest days are something many folk do... maybe they will help a little with aches and pains :)


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Thanks! Yes I'm trying to float like a butterfly but currently it's more like a heffalump :) Slowing down, I'm sort of running at a comfortable pace that's not really slow but I was getting more tired running any slower with shorter gait.

Have looked at the strength & flex plan, maybe I need to do more than look then! Time's the problem.

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Okay.. love the idea of a heffalump! Time is always an issue, but the exercises are important :) Especially as the runs get longer...


Hi there, well done! Yes my shins fronts were hurting in the first 2-3 weeks too and would feel tender to touch too. I started doing more stretches and strengthening excercises and as I kept going up the program they improved. Stick with it and they’ll be better😀


That's reassuring to know, that it's not something unexpected - thanks. It's definitely gratifying and unexpected to notice improvements already after only two weeks.


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