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Couch to 5K
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Onto week 2

I've started this program before and found myself back on the couch, giving up, after struggling through week one. I found my mind set to be all about losing weight rather than getting heathy and fit.

I picked the program back up last week and I'm proud to report that I'm onto w2r2, farther than I've ever been. I'm enjoying going out and, for the most part, enjoying the runs. I've realized the importance of pacing myself and controlling my breathing. It's certainly still not easy but I'm enjoying pushing myself like never before. I want to be a runner. My mindset has switched over from the "I need to do this" to "I want to do this" and that's what's going to get me through.

I'm certain I'll have moments where I want to give up, I'm in no way a runner (yet) or in shape. But, for now, I'm excited to go out and keep going. And grateful for a communinty like this to keep me motivated because your posts got me through week one.


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well done, a great attitude to have, no one said it was ever going to be easy and would challenge us in many ways , most of it is a mental battle with yourself :D most of the time we win :D

You are right it is about pacing yourself, all you have to do is run for the prescribed times :D

keep going you are really doing so well :D

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Fantastic Well done. I have to agree with you this community is fantastic, I joined a while back, was truly inspired, then crashed and burned at week 5. Gave up, posted a "I give up with this" post and vanished for a month. Came back last week and was amazed at the number of replies I had had, all amazingly encouraging and positive. How could I possibly give up. So here I am again, getting on with it and making progress.

So I fully understand your motivation bit, I am desperately over weight, out of condition and the years are ticking by, I have been struggling with my weight for 20 years. I hate running always did, even when I was young and fit and playing every sport under the sun.

So what I am trying to say is, well done and good luck. Keeping running (obviously) but above all keep posting, no matter how hard it gets or how low you feel, just keep posting and a myriad of wonderful people will pick you up, dust you down, maybe give you a kick up the back side, and before long you will be back out running.

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Keep us posted on your progress and then you won't dare give up. You seem to have realised that the most important thing is to be able to breathe.....it's the same in all aspects of life. A runner's maximum possible pace is defined by the transport of oxygen to the muscles and as you get fitter you will be able to go faster, but for now just stay nice and slow and develop your stamina, speed can come later. If you are panting like a steam train, then you will not be able to sustain that pace, so slow to comfortable breathing pace.

Good luck.

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Hi cpartello, we're roughly at the same stage. I'm aiming to complete W2 R3 tomorrow. In all honesty I am feeling very nervous about progressing through this programme. But I'm holding onto the fact that if others can, so can I. How did you find run 3?


Hi Mimsickle! I actually wrapped up W2 R2 yesterday (Sunday). I plan to tackle run 3 today or tomorrow. I couldn't agree more - I'm nervous about what's to come. I can't imagine how I'll get through the 3 minute runs to come next week. I just keep reading back to other's posts and use that as motivation. If they did it, there's no reason we can't! Keep running and stay in touch about your progress! We can do this!


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