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week 2 run 2 with week 3 looming!!


Im taking things at my own pace. i did begin the programme with friends but they seemed to be much much fitter than me and it totally demoralised me that i couldnt keep up so i secretly began going out for extra sessions on my own which did wonders for my confidence! i repeated week 1, 5 times instead of the 3 and intend to do the same for week 2 before moving onto week 3. I feel as though this is my oWn personal challenge and the minute it feels like a competition i am ready to throw the towel in because i cant keep up. When i do struggle I am my worst enemy anyway being cross with myself rather than having to explain myself to others!! I did panic slightly as i heard the week 3 podcast with 3 mins of running, it seems such a jump from my 90 seconds! seconds seems so much more doable than minutes, i hope i can give it a good attempt, but it seems a bit out of my reach at the moment!! week 2 a few more times for me i think!!

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You can do it. I have the same doubts but I did the five minute run today and it felt like a huge achievement to me. You are right to go at the pace that is right for you - I took the advice of this forum and slowed my pace and it worked for me. Good luck and keep on running.

wow 5 minutes is amazing!! well done to you and thanks for the support! i hope to be as good as you someday!


Hi Libs,

I did W2R3 this morning and like you I am terrified at the prospect of running for 3 whole minutes without stopping (or keeling over...). I'm going to go for it! I've told a few people that I'm doing couch to 5k but I don't feel pressured into keeping up- the main thing for me is that I'm enjoying it and that I'm improving my health. Don't worry about what others are doing, concentrate on your own abilities and goals :) Good luck!

Rosiegems77 in reply to Cazvs

hi libs ( and cazvs again) we are all at the same point in the plan... going for r3 of wk 2 on wednesday.

im noticing a big difference already in how fit i feel.hope you are both feeling the same.

we can do this!!!

I think its quite common to be a secret runner at the beginning but proud and "out" at the end. x

CazvsGraduate in reply to Rosiegems77

Hi Rosiegems :)

Not sure about my fitness level but I've already had to tighten my belt! I can't believe that's happened already, I must be toning up my muscles. It's great to see results so early on.

Enjoy your run tomorrow. I'm hoping to go tomorrow for W3R1 but I've just come down with a cold so I'll wait and see how I feel.

notquiteretiredGraduate in reply to Rosiegems77

another secret runner here due t do run 2week3 tmoro , its still a struggle but brilliant feeling when you finish each run(stagger ), we can keep going !!


Don't worry there are plenty of "secret" runners on here, myself included at the begining of the plan. My advice would be to just keep going at your own pace through the programme, don't worry about repeating runs if you have to, and equally don't be scared of moving on to the next week, you will be able to do it!


Just do it at your own pace don't go too fast and you will be able to do it, all you are doing at the moment is building up your stamina so speed and the distance you run are not that important. Don't worry what your friends can do. When I started I ran so slowly I couldn't catch people walking, but now I have got a little faster. Have faith you can do it :-) Good Luck

Everyone is amazing on this page! what brilliant feedback. I am sooo proud of how different i feel, in week 1 i almost thought i was going to faint and could only manage 50 seconds, to have progressed to now 90 seconds amazes me. what a difference a week makes. I am daunted about running 3 mins but i am def going to give it a shot even if it takes me more than 3 attempts to crack it!! i just keep thinking if i can get through chemo some time ago i can do this and i love fighting my inner demons! Good luck to us all, its great to have others to think about while doing this!

Libs, I am the same, I am going out for my 5th week 2 run, done the first week 2 run and thought it wasn't too bad then the 2nd time only managed 3 out of the 6 runs, 3rd time just walked it all and was considering going back to week 1, but the 4th one done it again, I want to be able to do each week 3/4 time in a row before moving on. The way I look at it, even the time I walked it, at least it was a 30 mins walk, probably faster than I jog and I was doing something rather than giving up.

I am heading out tonight and hope to be able to do it all, using PMA to tell me I can do it, then I am off to aqua Zumba after it which really helps ease the tired legs.

You will get there, good luck.



i was the same, did the 1st run with my partner who found it a doddle so sacked him off and now go by myself! just completed week 5 run 2 (involves running for 8 minutes) which i never dreamed i'd be able to do

just keep going at your own pace and enjoy the challenge, its amazing how the gradual build up makes it more achieveable


Same here, just completed week 2 run 3 & am finding the thought of week 3 daunting to say the least. Im going to give a try on Sunday but if i struggle i'll go back to week 2 for a couple more runs.

Keep going we will all get there in the end


I finished week 3 this morning and I too was really apprehensive but I did it and so can you! I’m feeling the same about week 4 but so far I surprise myself each week so keeping positive!


Me too!😂

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