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Dull pain in foot


Wonder if anyone can help me

I have a dull pain / ache in my foot.

Best way to describe it is the base of my heel feels really hard and the foot feels stiff? Worse when I get up in morning or been sitting down for a long time. It's fine when I'm out walking or running

Anyone have an idea what this is and some exercises or something I could do to help it?

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Sounds like plantar fasciitis. Take a look at this link.


Try heel dips on the stairs daily (15 three times a day)

Never wear totally flat shoes, eg slippers, flip flops, pumps, you need a slight heel.

Have you had a gait analysis? Important to have the correct fit running shoe, and get a heel to toe drop of at least 10mm, 12mm is even better!

I had a serious case of PF but dont now suffer which is positive news!


Thanks Jacs

I was worried it was PF, I really don't want to stop running now ☹️

I had gait analysis so definitely have right shoes, but will check heel drop on them.

I do wear flat shoes quite a lot so will change to more of a wedge or small geek, I can't wear too much of a heel

Have been doing toe drops but not that many so will increase those from today 👍

It's encouraging that you used to have it but Don't suffer now 👌


Brilliant. A small wedge is sufficient , it doesnt need to be big just not flat. Good luck!


Agreed! Can get shoe insoles that help too.


How annoying! Sorry for you, hope it gets better soon. I've had some heel pain but those step exercises help. Do you have high arches? I do & can't wear flat shoes, they make my feet ache!


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