pain on underside of heel

I have developed a pain on the sole of my foot on the heel part. It feels bruised and hurts everytime I walk, so much so that I am walking on the ball of that foot to avoid putting my heel down on the floor completely. There is nothing at all to see when I have a look. Sometimes it hurts when my foot isn't even on the floor. Any ideas. No other aches or pain at all!


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  • Could be plantar fasciitis. Check out the link:

    Hope it eases soon

  • Yes it does sound like it is this. Doesn't sound good. Advice is no running!! Aaahhhh!!!!!!!!!! I am doing so well too!

  • I suffered from this about five years ago. Not caused by running; it just seemed to come out of nowhere. It went away eventually and hasn't returned but I don't think I would have been able to run when I had it - sometimes it was absolutely agonising so that I didn't even want to walk on it. Although I don't really know what caused it, my suspiscion is wearing shoes that had too much arch support I didn't need, and maybe damaging the plantar fascia cycling.

    There's a brilliant resource at which has lots of things that can help. I did find that taping helped a lot, but I think what eventually made it go away altogether was a determined effort to rest it (I even tried not to walk) and do a lot of calf stretch exercises. It got better quite suddenly.

    The good news is that after it went away I have never suffered again, even though I have been walking over an hour a day for the last three years and I never gave it a thought when I started running.

    My advice would be rest, flat shoes and ice. If it doesn't get better in a few days it would be worth getting it checked by a GP or sports therapist.

  • I had it a few years ago and spent a couple of weeks walking on my tippy toes. I just couldn't put my heel to the floor because of the pain. However it just eventually went away and i've had no continuing issues. Don't worry, just rest it whilst you're in acute pain and give it a chance to resolve.

  • I had this a two years ago from walking. Took a while to rest it but didn't/haven't had any problems since running 8 weeks ago. One thing I do is the "alphabet" with my toes in the morning before getting out of bed. I think it's a great exercise and makes me think before I have to hit the snooze button!

  • Yes, what's the alphabet, please? I might try it...

  • What's doing the alphabet Judy??

  • I've got it - which is why i got some running shoes, then decided I didn't want to waste them on normal walking, so I'm about to start this, Wah! As long as I wear well-padded shoes that aren't too flat, it's not actually that bad. It started off by doing endless dog walks in unsuitable footwear, like wellies. A new pair of trainers might help, if you google shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, there are loads of tips.

  • The "alphabet" is air writing the alphabet with your toes. Circle around for a, then again for b and c and a straight/circle for d etc. I hear a bit of noices when I start and finish when the noises stop...I don't usually make it to z. My therapist recommended this to losen up the muscles/joints before having to put any real pressure or weight on the foot.

  • Funnily enough my heal doesn't hurt whilst I am running.

  • I have exactly the same problem. This is the second time of completing the C25K and I had no problem the first time round. This time my heel is killing me, yet when I run it's fine and at the end before and after stretching it's fine. It ends up hurting more and more as the day goes by. Glad to hear that most people who have had it have not had it again.

  • I have this every now and then, usually if I haven't been stretching so my calf muscles are tight or if I have been wearing shoes with not enough arch support. I have found that doing calf stretches and foot stretches works. I use biofreeze if it is really painful. I also bought a pedi roller on the recommendation of a running shop and was surprised at how much that helps as well.

    I also changed my running shoes to Brooks Ghost as these seem to have helped a lot of people with PF, worked for me.

    Hope it gets better soon.

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