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Foot pain


Hi just wondering if anyone has my problem. I get pain in the ball if my right foot, sometimes sever sometimes hardly there, it feels as if I haven’t got any cushioning there. I had it for two or three months before I started c25k (I’ve got w8 r2 tomorrow) and it hasn’t really got any worse since I’ve been running but it does make the run hard sometimes r1 this week in particular. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Apart from that, considering I struggled with r1 on w1, I’m really pleased with how it’s going

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I’ve had that on holiday. Don’t know what caused it, the heel of my foot was swollen, felt like burning pain and couldn’t put pressure on. I rested the next day and then it went and haven’t had it since. Don’t know what to suggest other than rest till it goes? Well done for getting so far though. I’m at week 4.

Ozzdog in reply to S-hack39

Thanks. It is a bit of a burning pain but it looks perfectly normal, it just seemed to start for no reason. Most of the time it’s managable just annoying. Well done with your progress so far, you’ve done the hard bit, although look out for week 6!!!


You’re doing great. If run one was harder on that foot than today’s, maybe take a two day rest this time? It’s a long way from that first run huh? Enjoy closing this programme out.

Ozzdog in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks I’ve tried a 3 day rest but it doesn’t make a lot of difference, most of the time I can live with it and it’s not getting permanently worse just now and again., basically it’s the same as before I started the program just very annoying, yeah that first run stays with me!! I’ve never been able to run distance not even at school, I was a good sprinter but 200 meters was my limit!!!!! So I’m feeling pleased with myself.

Is it worse in the morning when you do have it? Could be plantar fasciitis and there are stretches that can help x

I sometimes hobble a bit when I first get up but pain wise it’s very random on severity and when it happens. Sometimes it even eases a bit during a run, weird!! I’ll have to google that thanks

cheryl_couch_tattyGraduate in reply to Ozzdog

Nhs has great advice for plantar fasciitis and exercises. You will really want to get arch supports and maybe new trainers. It will get worse if you don't act now, this is kind of your warning light right now. Act fast or it's off to the IC for you x

Ok thanks, that sounds scary!!

cheryl_couch_tattyGraduate in reply to Ozzdog

Sorry, didn't mean to scare you xx sounds like it is early days for you so as long as you act now you should be fine 😁


Hi Ozzdog, I had this some time ago (prior to starting C25K). In my case I think it may have been down to wearing shoes without much cushioning and very thin socks. I changed shoes and bought some cushioned socks and it disappeared. Have you had a gait analysis, as that might help? All the best for completing next week!


Sounds like plantar fasciitis. It will only get worse if it is (sorry) without intervention.

I would urge you to go to a Podiatrist and osdibly save yourself a lot of problems down the road.

Hi no I haven’t had a gait analysis yet but I will at some point. I’m a notorious “don’t finish what I start!!” So I didn’t want to get too involved but I’m really enjoying it so hopefully it’s part of my life now. I’ve put cushion insoles in my trainers but the main cushioning is on the heel. I’ll probably end up going to the doctors and getting told to take pain killers and see how it goes!!! Thanks for the best wishes I’m determined to finish this 💪🏼

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