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Foot pain is a pain...advice needed

Hello all. I completed W6R2 today....yay. i am on holiday in the South of France for a week but have been still determined to get my runs in! Though I have a problem which I hope some of you may ge able to advise on. Since the programme has upped its intensity (weeks 5 and 6) I have had a niggling ache in the outside border of my left foot. It doesn't appear to hurt when I am running but it develops into a toothachey pain by the evening. This week however it has increased. Still no pain whilst running but today after W6R2 I have been in pain all day post run. It is on the ouside of my left foot. For all anatomy buffs it is in the region of the base of my fifth metatarsal. Should I be thinking soft tissue injury or stress fracture???? I am going to have to forfeit run 3 which I am gutted about. I am so fed up as I have been progressing so well. Does or has anyone else had this problem.

Apologies if I dont reply straight away as internet connection is hit and miss. It may be a day or so.


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Has your metatarsal head dropped ? Are your shoes wearing in that area ? Maybe have your gait analysed. As it is specific to your metatarsal I am guessing the first option! I would give your metatarsal a support for a few days if you were my patient and recommend still resting even though with padding the pain may seem better. Also if you are able to, take Ibuprofen, the max daily dose (with food) ;) Good luck :)


Hi ridingstar. Thank you. I had my gait analysed before I started the programme and had a good running style. Mid foot runner. I am sadly unable to take NSAIDs. I will look into padding and review.


As you are a forefoot runner maybe you have just strained your metatarsal head is it lateral or plantar pain ? I definitely agree RICE method too ! Padding will help if plantar pain but will not be placed where you expect !!


Hi S, sorry to hear you are getting pain, very frustrating I know. Have you tried the RICE method? If the pain continues, then a trip to the doctors is in order I imagine, for a quick check up. Hope you feel better soon.

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Thank you. I'll be off to GP on my return!


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