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I am still experiencing a tingling then numbness in my right foot when running. I have just finished week 7 and it starts around 7-8 minutes before the end and by the end my foot is numb. I have been told it might be dehydration . I had one run when I drank a lot and it was a bit better (only starting 2 mins before the end) but last night I drank a lot before and some during and it was probably worse. It is hard to tell whether the heat is the issue as my longer runs have all been when it is hot. I am very much a sweaty betty! so it could be I need to drink even more. I am starting to get worried it maybe something else. It stops as soon as I do and I don't have anything like it at other times. Does anyone have any suggestions as I am not sure I could run another 3 extra minutes with little feeling in my foot!


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8 Replies

  • Are you laces too tight?

  • Or do you need to tie them differently? Someone put an excellent post on here about laces a while back. If you search post you will be able to find it. I hope this helps!! I have my trainers fairly loose. I can slip them on and off very easy, if I have them too tight they feel uncomfortable

  • ooh never thought of that. This could be it as I do tie my right foot lace tight due to a slimmer heel than the left. I hope the solution is that easy. Many thanks.

  • Also you can buy stretch no tie laces - Xtenex Auto Locking Laces. Might help.

  • I bet it's your laces. There are loads of ways of tying your shoes to hold them securely in place whilst avoiding them being too tight. Either search this forum or try Google to find advice. Good luck

  • I injured my foot a while ago and ever since (even though it's basically recovered) I have 2 toes on my ex-injured foot that are numb when I run, and sometimes when I just sit around, or walk to the kitchen or flex my foot! I'm putting it down to the damage I did in my injury, could you have a lingering injury?

  • Could be the socks as well. My compression ones are too tight for the summer.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will ensure laces are not tight. Next run Friday or Saturday. I have 2 torn ligaments in my knee (due to wear and tear) it hasn't been a problem so far but it may be possible it is connected. I do other things where my knee can hurt like zumba but don't get numbness (I do wear different trainers though) I really hope it Is the laces as it is a quick fix and I might actually get to the end!!

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