Foot pain in new shoes?

This was my second run in my new shoes (w6 r3). My doctor has told me I have flat arches and I was advised in a running shop to try Brooks Ravenna 4's so that's what I have.

Previously I was just running in trainers with no knee or foot pain, but both runs in the new shoes have made my knees ache and I have pain in the outside of the foot.

Is it just a case of getting used to the shoes?

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  • It doesn't sound right, my feet are completely flat and my new balances (3rd pair of 860's, I'm a creature of habit) only hurt when they need replacing. I ignored the pain (on the outside of the foot) with pair 2 because the soles were fine and ended up having to take a month off :-(

  • Perhaps I'll call the guy in the shop and see what he says.

    I was hoping it was just a case of my feet getting used to actually having support for a change!

  • It could be exactly that - I saw a podiatrist yesterday who has prescribed orthotics for pronation , unions and hypermobile toes and she said that I will have to wear them in gradually to allow my outer leg muscles to lengthen and adjust.

    It could be that the support you now have is making other muscles work harder.

  • It could be, I nearly added a comment about it, but thought better of it. It's the sort of thing you have to decide for yourself, I called it wrong and ended up injured.

  • Not sure Minxy, but when I got my new shoes ( for over pronation) that was when the insides of my knees started aching. Not agony though, so I was pretty sure I hadn't injured them. I did go back to the shop and talked it over and decided it was the change in positioning due to new shoes. The woman in the shop ( specialised running shop) said that the shoes were def the right type for my gait and that shoes did sometimes take a bit of getting used to. After two weeks knees were fine snd have been since then. So it could be the shoes but worth checking it out, just to make sure you sre not doing any damage.

  • It may help to do some brisk walking in them for a couple of days so that your feet get used to the new level they have been forced into, which in turn will help your knees. (just a thought)

  • I spoke to the guy in the shop who has said it could just be me getting used to the new shoes, but to keep him updated. Hopefully that's all it is as it really made that last run of week 6 a struggle.

  • Shoes felt better today :) Thank goodness for that!

  • Oh I wish I'd seen this a few days ago! This post could have been written by me two weeks ago! I had a gait analysis and bought gorgeous new shoes for £100 to correct my for over pronation. Ran in them that day (didn't listen to advice to break them in first) and had to quit the run for the first time ever! Was gutted and terrified I had bought shoes that hurt me! I wore them all day around the house and walking to and from work, and ran in my old trainers on the Tuesday - my shins were agony, which was the reason I bought new trainers. I carried on breaking them in and decided to try one more run in my new trainers and if that hurt I would go back to the shop. There were a few twinges on the Thursday, but on the Saturday they were bliss. Utter cushoiny bliss. Totally about breaking them in for me. But you do have to be careful with these things. Glad they are better for you now!

  • I might wear them out for a walk tomorrow too. I tightened the laces up a bit more too, to make sure my feet weren't slipping about.

    They definitely seemed better. Good job really as mine were £100 too!!

  • I am continuing to wear them about the house and walking - it does take time, especially if you've been running in normal shoes. I was running in specialized trainers, but from a gait analysis in 2007. The guy nearly fainted when he found my details and thought I'd been running for 6 years in the same trainers! I hadn't!!! They'd spent 5 years in the cupboard!

  • I was wearing cross training trainers, I knew no better. So no cushioning to speak of, so it's a big change for me really.

    Perhaps I'll dig them out when I walk - if they go with my outfit of course, I might love running, but I'm still a girl ;o)

  • It will be a huge change so will take some getting used to!! When I bought mine I had two choices, my final choice (with an electric blue lace) or a particually beautiful purple pair. I love purple. Like REALLY love purple. Thankfully my Pops was with me and reminded me to chose the pair that felt the most comfortable......not the prettiest pair! Dammit!!

  • I went with the purple pair :)

  • HAHA! I'm so jealous! They were SO pretty!! And good for your running......obviously........ ;-)

  • The white and blue ones I tried were the teensiest bit more comfy - not enough comfort to sway me. They're Brooks Ravenna 4's. very pretty :)

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