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Phew! Week 5 Run 3 complete - first 20 minute run!

Phew!  Week 5 Run 3 complete - first 20 minute run!

Actually in the picture I'm just posing wiping my brow! But I did work up a pretty good sweat - my wife sent me straight to the shower!

Like many people here, at the start of the course I would never have believed I could run 20 minutes without stopping. It's been good to see all the posts from others who have done it, and who say to trust the course.

In a sense I feel that the jump from 8 minutes to 20 minutes seems like a big psychological hurdle and having done that, 20 -> 25 -> 28 -> 30 doesn't seem like such a dramatic increase, so I feel more confident that I can carry it through to the end.

Actually, I did stop, just for a couple of seconds, not because I was tired or gasping for breath. It was because I got lost!! Trying to find the exit between two houses that led to a path across a green, I chose the wrong two houses! D'oh!

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Unexpected bonus. Jo was my trainer for this evening's run. Then I get to see her live on TV as one of the presenters at the Radiohead gig at Glastonbury! She must have good taste - though I don't think Radiohead is the best music for running to!


Well done... you don't look too hot!

Just trust the isn't just about is about different disciplines within the running; pace and stamina and strength are all part of it. I am probably telling you everything you know, but just keep it slow and steady and you will overcome every little blip.

Keep the pesky mind gremlins guessing..they get confused very easily!!!


I got lost on a long run ...just on the edge of my village where I have lived for a looooooong time :) Embarrassing isn't it ?)


Brilliant achievment, well done! I managed that run last week and like you I would never have thought I could do it. What a great programme - keep up the great work!

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When you get that w5r3 under your belt, it's like a whole new vista opening up isn't it. Suddenly, from the week 3 thoughts of "oh-my-life-I-have-to-run-for-five-minutes-next-week", there comes the "do-you-know-I-think-I-may-actually-be-able-to-do-this!". As Floss says, slow and steady does it. You'll be amazed by your ever increasing ability. Have fun in week 6...😊


100% agree! I'm definitely at the "do-you-know-I-think-I-may-actually-be-able-to-do-this!" stage...

Am tempted to wonder if they designed the course this way to get you over the psychological barrier. It's the one point where there seems to be a BIG jump.

A lady I know who does running as well told me that once you get to 20 mins you realise it's not a problem to go further.


I think my light bulb moment when I just 'knew' I was going to be able to finish the programme was the second run of week 7. I was scared of jinxing myself by saying it out loud before then😃


Well done ... I am coming up to that run this week - it does feel like a big step up.


Really well done!! 20 mins is such a mile stone.


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