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Week 2 Run 2

Went for my evening jog/walk with laura. Realised that some of my route is a little hilly and to jog when laura said to jog was up hill but just about managed it. Thought to myself perhaps I should alter the route to avoid the hilly pavements but then thought. It will just be one more challenge. It might take me longer but to conquer the upward hill makes the jog down the downward slope even more delightful. The cool down walk was tonight a cool down walk I was somewhat afraid off. I thought I would be hobbling after the last run but no hobbling tonight so that is a definete improvement especially with the jogging uphil chucked in for good measure. Listening to laura on the way back and all I could hear was that banjo music made me think - 'Who on earth selected that banjo section of music in the walk segment? I think it is a banjo. I think it was in week one has well.' All I could think when listening to that on the way home was 'music is kinda an odd one for jogging, at a point when you are feeling really pleased with yourself for achieving your target for your run. Improving on what you did in the last run. Actually even thinking that, that banjo music is just plain weird.' Different, whatever everyone listens to is good but still its weird. Am I the only person to think this? Now I am thinking that the music is going to be getting stranger and weirder has I go through the weeks. It is only week two will my sanity survive? Or will I be some crazy woman with wobbly bits running and bobbing along like I am some lost western film cast member. Okay it is official I am losing the plot I went completely off topic never mind ignore my ramblings.

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well done you just one comment about the hills i have some where i live and tried to change route but it does not really work as the next week the running intervals are different :) :)


Weird music all the way but you'll be fine. If you stick with it you will hear about the Tribulations of Julie, so it's worth hanging with it 😃

Go really nice and slowly. If you fo decide to stick with the hill, just go very very slowly 😃


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