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Week 2 - run 1 complete - hard slog up hill!

Hi everyone.

So last night i completed week 2 run 1 -it was a struggle!

The route i did was very hilly (i think id have struggled walking up the hill, never mind jogging)

I nearly gave up on the last 90 second stint and then Laura saved me and told me it was time to walk ( there is a God!!! :) ) safe to say ill be changing my route, but unfortunately i live in a very hilly place, even the local park is hilly....

Never mind, not giving up, onwards and upwards (quite literally) :)

Perhaps it will help me in the end, I am thinking i should go and find a running track, might be a shock to the system running on the flat though!

Anyways run 2 tomorrow, i shall keep you posted :)

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Well done you :) I remember the relief of hearing Laura's voice at the end of one of those stints well.

They say hilly running is great for your legs and lungs so I'd keep tackling them if you can- if the worst comes to the worst you can always turn around and run back down.

Happy running :)


Im going to keep tackling them hills! I've finished week 2 this morning, and it got easier, so perhaps running up hills is helping me more!! :)


Well done for keeping going till the end. I have that problem too as it's a bit hilly round here. I walk up a big hill as a warm up walk then just kind of moved my route around as I ran further. I found map my route really helpful.You can do it if you stay slow and steady and follow the programme. Enjoy !!!


Well done for finishing and carrying on running. Hills are wonderful for building stamina. You'll be fit as a flea if you keep running up 'em. :)


Well done on finishing your run.

I remember when I first started turning back half way up a hill so I could finish my run! After that I changed my route.

But if you can beat the hill, so much the better!

Happy running.


Well done! :-) Hills aren't easy, but as others have said, do keep on with them as they're excellent for building strength and stamina. After lots of them though, being on the flat is a bit of a shock to the system! Good luck for run two!


If you can cope with the hills now then it will stand you in good stead later on. I must admit I chickened out and avoided them like the plague


You've done really well to do hills at this stage. I didn't attempt them until after graduation! Hills are really good for stamina and your bum! Keep going.


Thanks every one for your lovely replies, I am going to keep tackling them hills!! I will win! I completed week 2 this morning, and all i could keep saying was 'go slow i will win' 'go slow i will win' - Probably looked mad to all the dog walkers and other runners!! ha ha :):)


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