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Just completed my first run of the third week, and found it quite exhilarating.

I first thought I can't do three minutes of jogging,

But I found it really quite easy, although it was only two days ago that I was so out of breath doing 90 seconds. I want to know why, although I have been doing the same route every run I have done each way, tonight I didn't get so far in distance when Laura told me to do my 5 minute walk, maybe I jogged slower I felt that I could do another set of jogging, so I did and I felt quite good as well as doing a cool down walk too. I would like to know whether this was a good idea to do this or not?

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Some runs will just be easier than others, and you will feel more energetic. This might be why you found it easier.

And yes, you were probably going slower than before, which is why you didn't cover as much distance, however the total time spent in the podcast should also be one minute less, so that could be the reason. The amount of running in both weeks appears to be the same, I think. 9 minutes. But obviously they are split up differently.

It is significant that you were out of breath at 90 seconds, but ok at 3 minutes. 90 seconds is approximately the upper limit for truly anaerobic exercise - where you can't get enough air to continue indefinitely. This means you could run faster than your aerobic speed for up to about 90 seconds. But if you are going for anything longer, like 3 minutes, you are forced to slow down to a speed where your body is getting enough air during the exercise to keep going.

You probably just found your sweet spot. A pace you can continue running at, with enough air to build up your stamina. Congratulations on that! It's a critical skill, actually. Funny how they just sneak that in, isn't it? Don't get me wrong, you will still get tired again - but you've just past an important milestone.

As for running more than Laura tells you to - if you feel just fabulous and want to push a little extra, go ahead. Don't expect to always feel that way, and don't keep doing it if you find yourself struggling at the next run. Most importantly, don't go crazy about it. You may get euphoric from both your accomplishments and from the running itself, which means you won't feel pain or fatigue as normal. It is possible to injure yourself in this state since your normal cues that your body had enough aren't working the same. So don't go crazy with it, ok? But if you feel like adding an extra 15% after a really fabulous run at a gentle speed, then that's pretty great. (Add a minute or two the first couple of weeks as needed. A couple more later on, but don't go doubling the workout in your enthusiasm.) XD


That was a really interesting reply Alaiyo :) thanks


If you click in the header to read posts instead of questions, and look in the right column, you will see a C25K wallchart. Each week's runs are not all the same length of time. week 3 is noticeably shorter than week 2!


Hi. You should also remember that you're not a machine! Sometimes things are better just because.....well just because the sky is particularly blue, or you've had a great day or because you're wearing that pair of new trainers for the first time.

I wouldn't look too deeply. I reckon you're doing just fine.


Not very experienced, just few weeks ahead of you but I noticed that I have good and bad days. For example, I felt tired after runs in the beginning of a week, but felt much better after further runs in that week which were longer. No pattern.


I found Alaiyo's reply really helpful too :-)


I also find that I feel able to do more running at the point where the app tells you to start the cooldown - what I've decided to do is try and run to the end of whatever song I'm in the middle of. Generally I can manage it...though I haven't yet been in the scenario where a really long song has only just started at the same time as the cooldown! It's only a little bit extra, but the motivational boost it gives me is brilliant. :)


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