Week 1 done!! Last run was so hard!

I am currently attending a local slimming group (as it's scary how much I have let myself go) so decided to start this programme in the hopes of moving things along! Have been using mums treadmill as there is no way im letting ppl see me just yet lol! This last run was the most difficult, I struggled so much but I got there.

Hoping I struggled cos I had a few days between runs instead of 1 (mum off work and dont wanna do it with her there).

Guessing it's not recommended to skip rest days? The only way I can keep on top of it is by skipping. Any help is appreciated


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  • The problem with not taking rest days is the heightened likelihood of injury. After exercise your body needs time to rebuild the muscles used.

    So the rest is as important as the exercise. Its hard to get your head round at first, but the rest will make you stronger as this is when the real growth happens.

    This may help: verywell.com/the-benefits-o...

  • I should add that the one day advice is a minimum, if you need, say two rest days in between, do this instead of skipping.

  • Thanks for that, I'll take the rest days and just go for a stroll instead!

    Do people generally redo 1st week do u know? I managed to do it without stopping but today it was such a relief when I got told only 2 more runs lol! Wasnt as bad the last 2, felt great actually. Already worrying about running for 1min 30!

  • I redid two weeks - my thinking was that it is better to complete the programme even if it takes longer than it should than give up because moving on to the next week is the wrong thing to do, for you, at that point.

    Redoing a week gave me extra confidence to move on to the next week.

  • Well done amya86😊

    If you have completed Week 1 successfully three times you are ready to move onto Week 2. (In that you will be able to manage it)

    Its phycologically normal to want to hang back, but although the runs are a bit longer, there are less of them and you will be able to recover during the walk breaks. Go with the program, it works. Do take at least one days rest (from running) between as Whatsapp says.

    Good luck.😊

  • Thanks for the advice, not dreading it as much now!

  • Good luck😊

  • Try not to skip rest days - I did at the beginning and I paid the price. If you have to, take two rest days - I've done that when my legs have felt a bit tweaky and firmly believe that doing that has helped avoid further injury. It sounds a bit weird but I firmly believe that rest days make you a better runner - trying to run when your legs are tired can be a recipe for disaster and you'll feel cross with yourself if you can't complete a run - even though there is absolutely no reason to be cross with yourself! Everyone has a life that they have to work around - you have to do what works for you.

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