Week 1, Run 1 - I done it!

Hi everyone. I joined sometime ago and have been so keen to start the programme. I live in the middle of no where so, I've been waiting for the clocks to change so I'm not out running in the dark on my own!

So last night it began... My boyfriend came with me (I think he knew If I went on my own I wouldn't push myself) which was great. I was surprised that I wasn't as out of breath as I thought I would be (my jog really is slow so that's probably why). The thing I struggled with was my legs! My calf's felt like lead and I struggled to lift them after about the 4th run. I do next to no exercise, overweight and have an office job - I'm not surprised my legs hurt! But, I done it! I'm so proud of myself.

Super excited for my 2nd run tomorrow!

We've got a 2.8 mile (a little under the 5K I know) route near me which has always been my dream to jog around - I don't care how slow I do it, I just want to get around it. I often ride the route with my horse, but if I'm expecting him to do it & carry me, it's only fair I do it too!

You all seem like such a lovely group of people on here, super supportive! Thanks for letting me be a part of it :)


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26 Replies

  • Well done! I'm also unfit, overweight and do an office job so getting anywhere near 5000 steps a day is really hard. I'm on week 7 and still find some runs where my legs feel like lead, but I think even the grads have those days so we're in good company.

    very best of luck with the program.

  • That's what I like about this forum, everyone either is or, at some point has been in the same boat! Best of luck with week 7, I can't wait to get there!!

  • Great job, half the battle won to get started!

  • Well done on getting started!! You are bound to get a few aches and pains as you are probably using a few muscles that haven't been used for a while.

    Keep going and your body will adapt... I keep telling myself this after a couple of years at it... still ache!!!

  • Thank you AndyD! My muscles were definitely in shock - Attempting to run up the stairs on the odd occasion was the closest I got to exercise! Congrats on running for a couple of years, what a great achievement! :)

  • Well done you! But don't forget to have a rest day in between your runs. You sound as if you are really enjoying it so that's half the battle. Just listen to Laura,and take it nice and steady,slow and relaxed. You'll soon get there. Good luck and welcome aboard.😄😄

  • I'm on Wk8 now last run tomorrow before I start wk 9. I thought I would never get to this point so if I can do it so can you!😄😄

  • Congratulations on getting to Week 8, what a great achievement. I go on holiday next week, but I'm taking my trainers and planning to do most of my second week along the beach in Mallorca with my partner and step Son.

  • Sounds perfect NatalieAmelia...make sure you drink planty of water afterwards to replenish your muscles.😊

  • Have a brilliant holiday NatalieAmelia! Stay hydrated and enjoy😄😄

  • Hi Peggy 5 9. I am at exactly the same stage as you, next run Friday, and I too thought it would be impossible for me. This girl can run, I tell myself!

  • Yes it is such a great feelingLiz is trying. Good luck for tomorrow will be thinking of you and keep posting W9 here we come!!😄😄

  • And almost forgot.......... thank you on your congrats! 😄😄

  • Hello NatalieAmelia and congratulations upon completing your first run.

    Although you considered jogging pace to be slow, as running fitness improves over the coming weeks, you’ll find that pace naturally increases. That said, always run at pace that feels largely comfortable throughout, as you aim to improve endurance.

    Once the foundations (stamina) have been firmly laid, you can concentrate upon workouts aimed at developing speed.

    As for aching calves, provided that you don’t neglect them, proceeding to stretch and strengthen on rest days, they’ll quickly adapt to the rigours of running. As much as you run to get fit, you also get fit to run, chiefly to reduce the occurrence of running related injuries.

    Before long, though, you’ll hopefully be surprised at just how easily you’re able complete that near 3 mile route, without the need to take a walking break, regardless of quickly or slowly it’s accomplished.

    With the return of BST, simply enjoy lacing up and stepping outdoors, while revelling in the ‘high’ experienced after returning home.

  • MrNiceGuy, Thank you so much for all of your advice and info, it's really appreciated! :)

  • Well done on your first run. I am like you, overweight, no exercise and a desk job, but I have now started Week 4 and am loving it. It is hard work, but so rewarding. It nearly killed me to run 60 seconds in Week 1, but I actually managed 5 minutes on Monday, which shocked me! As everyone else says, keep it slow and build up the stamina, and the leaden feeling does slowly ease off. Good luck :-)

  • Wow - 5 minutes on week 4, that's great! That doesn't seem like a huge amount of time, 12 runs and already up to 5 minutes. Just goes to show what determination can do!

  • Hello Natalie. I'm on week 5 and I'm finding that I struggle with each increase, and pain in my calves and thighs continues. Although I run with a group twice a week, following the programme, I concentrate on going at my own pace, which is slower than a fast walk but so much more challenging for my legs. I have a session on a dread mill once a week to try and consolidate what we've done in the group sessions that week. I find that a bit easier and it keeps my spirits up as I can achieve the distance even if I've struggled out in the real world. Tough as I'm finding it, I'm still excited about becoming a runner and being able to run in the countryside. I wish you lots of luck and good health. Have a wonderful time in Mallorca. Running along the beach with your loved ones will be a lovely experience and I hope the memory of that inspires your future runs.

  • Dear Janeofash, much the same as you, my jog is much slower than my fast walk and much harder! I've set myself another little holiday goal, I'm off to Rome with my other half in October and there's a gorgeous park near the Spanish steps (kind of!) and we've planned our route around there. Cant wait!

  • Well done , gotta just keep jog slow and breath regulated. i just completed r1w4 and was dreading it but it actually turned out to be the 1st one i rwally thought i achieved . Keep going. You cant fail the program , you just give up

  • Hello :) I read on another post that counting breaths along with my steps seemed to help a lot of people - breath in for 4, and out for 4. I'm going to try this tonight! :)

  • Welcome aboard and good to have you here !

    Keep at it, it is sooooo worth it and please keep posting on here so we can support you along your way .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Congratulations on your first run! The hardest part is behind you. Keep it slow and steady, I read couple of times excellent phrase "think, laid back snail" :) (I think Oldfloss said it). As it was mentioned before, stretch your legs after runs and additionally calves during the rest days. You can do some feet circles while you're sitting at your desk, it will both gently strengthen and stretch your calves and feet muscles ;)

    Good luck on your way.

  • Hi! Thank you for the tips with the stretching - I never even thought about stretching on my rest days. I'm at my desk now and doing circles with my feet as a type. Multi-tasking at it's best!!

  • Great that I could help :)

    You can also to the toe curl down-up exercises.

  • Post-run I really like this stretching:

    I must admit that I am doing way to rarely, but it is very good and I can recommend it.

    I believe any kind of stretching during rest days are good. You can concentrate on calves, shins (do not forget about shins), hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, gluts and lower back, but I think also core and upper-body stretches are beneficial.

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