No excuses... and which app


I'm new! I honestly never thought I'd run...

I travel a lot of work - 3 weeks in 4. Lots of eating out. I work in a field that naturally attracts a lot of outdoor adventurous types... I try to swim when I can but trying to find/fit in opportunities to swim when away from home is tough. I'm at the heaviest I've been in 5/6 yrs.

So - Ive been reading the slight edge - and now this is me. Do little things every day to create change. C25K is one of my things.

Last week I completed W1 at home. Yesterday was my first real challenge, W2R1 - leave hotel early run before breakfast, back shower and then to work.

It was raining, my app get crashing....but I loved it. Feeling I'm getting my life back, each day a little more and each day feeling stronger (inside and out).

But - the app!! I'm using a free zen labs app, there isn't really a commentary, just tells you when to switch what you are doing. I want to listen to my own music too. I'm on Android - what's my best option?



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  • I'm just using the standard "Couch To 5K" app on Android and no freezes so far. Sometimes the timings of when to speed up and slow down are a bit off - on one of the W3 runs it said to slow down about 15 seconds early. But otherwise no complaints - choice of 4 "trainers", and the display showing a countdown clock (which was how I knew it called time early). But the trainers are pretty inspirational. Good luck and keep going!

  • Many on this site use the NHS programme

    Try this link. The podcasts have music and Laura as trainer. There is also an app without music

  • Well done for starting the program.

    I'm using the BBC app. This lets you listen to your own music and has never crashed for me.

    Good luck with the running. Here's the link to the BBC site:

  • Yes, that's the one I'm using too. Didn't realise it was the BBC one when I first replied, as I just got it from the Google Play store. Trainers are very inspirational.

  • yes they are. I've got Sanjeev Kohli talking me through it. We have a 'virtual' love/hate thing going on. I hate it when he says that it's time to start running again, but I absolutely love him when he says it's time to slow down :)

  • I use the Zen Labs app - to play music, start your music first, then the app. It has never crashed for me... I like the quiet and have never worked out how to download the NHS one on an android phone anyway! Best of luck!

  • Just keep going, slow but sure but dogged and steady and you'll do it. You have to be tough on yourself, and make the changes you talked about but bit by bit you will get where you want to be

    Good luck and bon voyage 😃💪

  • Thanks for all this. I've realised that the trick is not to interrupt the app... strava & music started first, turn other notifications off and oh yes, don't try and take a photo outside the Royal palace while walking past 😚 more focus.... But I am going to look at some alternatives.

    Skipped a day yesterday, extreme tiredness & sore foot ... heading out to start W3 today.

  • I finally found couch to 5k app and for the longer runs prefer it, same thing though, start the music first.

  • I use the NHS couch to 5k and strava and am able to listen to music. Don't think I could cope within Sarah Millican telling me what to do!

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