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I'm back! :-)

Anyone still here that remembers me?

Started running for the first time since childhood at the end of 2014 and went too fast, too soon and got injured. Every time I've tried to get back to running since then I've had another injury or another that's stopped me again- definitely a good lesson in there somewhere!

Anyway that's me back again, this time with a sports physio behind me. I've done the months of pilates type exercises to start correcting my anterior pelvic tilt and lateral pelvic tilt and am now clear to run for 5 mins at a time, twice a week.

Finding it frustrating that my body isn't caught up to my head yet, but I'm trying really hard to not look at my watch and be happy in the motion of running with great company.

Hope all your runs are going well and look forward to catching up with friends old and new.

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Welcome back.... you have had quite a running journey... I remember the issues you had previously!

Slow and steady is definitely the way and we shall look forward to your progress posts:)

Many of the forum friends, that you knew, are still here... we have moved on a little and there are some really inspirational runners around..the posts are so worth reading!!!

Go you! :)


Great that you are back to your running again - hope things go well for you this time round.🙂

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Welcome back. It is a journey not a race, any time running is good time, so much postitive stuff can happen in 5mins. Take it easy and look after yourself. Rfc x.

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I remember you! Welcome back and how great that you're running again. I'm trying not to look at my watch at the minute too for various reasons and it's hard! Good luck and enjoy your return 🙂

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Nice to see some friendly faces :-) hope all your running is going well and look forward to reading your latest news xxx


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