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Hello everyone - yes, I'm still around!

I thought it was time I posted again because by now it might look as if I had gone away for good. Frankly it feels a bit like that for me, it's nearly 9 weeks now since I tore my Soleus muscle in a running handicap race (the Soleus is one of the two muscles in your calf - just in case like me you didn't even know you'd got any!). Physio every week and gradually, ever so ever so slowly, getting better but can't yet run. Still quite a few weeks to go yet so as soon as I get the all-clear I'm plotting to go back and re-use the C25K podcasts to get me back running again. In the meantime I've become a stalwart Parkrun volunteer on Saturdays - at least that's one day in the week where I'm not too grumpy about being unable to run! Good luck to everyone on your running journey: I'm addicted now and trying hard to be a good patient .....

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David.... !

Hi lovely to hear from you.. I wondered what was going on!

You are being so sensible.. and it will pay off. I am back to about 7K now after such a long spell on the is, as ever with me, slow and steady!

Well done you on your volunteering at least you can soak up the atmosphere:)

It sounds like a great plan to travel through C 2 5K again, you will know the form and maybe can move forward a tad quicker if you feel up to it!

Patience, my friend.. your time will come :) x


I much prefer snailpace jogging Parkrun to being a Marshal, but even so it's good to meet up with some of the "running folks" I've got to know locally. I never thought it would happen to me (someone who hated running even back in my very very long distant memories of school) but still being on my longish-term IC I look enviously at people jogging along and wish I was back doing it as well! Not very good at being patient - or being a patient come to that!


That sounds nasty but I am glad you are keeping in touch with running and keeping occupied on Saturday mornings at least.

Here's hoping you are running again soon.


Oh what a shame, but glad you're keeping your hand in at weekends even if you can't yet use your legs at Park Run. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.


Thank you. I'd rather be running Parkrun but I still love the atmosphere, I'm a huge fan. I'll get there in the end but my physio is saying it will be quite a while yet.

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David, long time no hear, I take it you're still Parkrun volunteering, how's the leg coming on?

Happy Christmas!😊


Hi! Yes I really am still around .... it's been 20 weeks now since I tore my calf muscle in my local running club's handicap race. My physio definitely needed my financial support though! Seriously, it's been a long haul but I'm gradually getting there, having gone from being almost unable to walk a few steps to now (for the first time this week) doing a tiny bit of very slow jogging on the treadmill in my gym. It was HARD HARD HARD. I've already lined up my personal trainer for January so that I can re-start my C25K, at least beginning my repeated journey on the treadmill until I build up a bit of stamina and some confidence. I have kept in touch both with my local running club and my magical local Parkrun communities, having now nearly earned my Volunteer 25 t-shirt at Parkrun. Not what I would have wanted but it's been fantastic to still be part of my local running families. 2018 will see me back running at least Parkrun but I'll ease back into things gently.

Have a great Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018 - to you and all my HealthUnlocked friends.

I'll post about my new progress starting in January 2018.

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