New commitment

I want to write it here, to have it oit in the world.

I am back to square one and I am starting from scratch again. In my plans W1R1 today. Let's hope I will have enough willpower and health to graduate this time without many delays and any break longer than 1 week.

Keep your fingers crossed.

To fulfil my task today, I'm going to put my gear up NOW without any more delay or hesitation.

Cheers to all of us!


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13 Replies

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  • Go go go!!!!

  • Good luck. You can do it, just stay positive. ūüėČ

  • Yes, you've told us now, no backing out! I look forward to hearing about your run :)

  • I'm on my way back from the run, keeping the brisk walk for a little longer ;)

    I thought it will be easier, as I managed to do W5R3 in not so long past. The first couple of runs were easy, but it was harder and harder each run. I was probably running a little faster than before and much faster brisk walks in between. But...

    I DID IT!!! :D

    Now, doing it consistently is my challange.

    I deserved a nice shower and a snack ;)

  • You are back on track.. slow and steady does it! It works :)


    If you are not out there for your next run.. I am coming to get you :)

  • I love you Oldfloss, you are my hero :) I bet you would (will?) appear on my doorstep in running gear saying: "OK Iga, and now, off you go!" chasing‚Äč me with words "SLOW, God damn you, SLOW and steady" :)

    I will get back to slow and steady, when runs will get a little longer again ;) Now, I need to get used to going out for a run every other day, not only everyday walk with dog. I'm in process of training her into running, so no pulling or sniffing around on special green running leash :) so hopefully she will be my running partner kicking me out of the door with this big happy smile on her face :D

  • OldFloss is indeed a hero

    You can do this!

  • Nice to see you back again IgaT :) You posted, you ran - hooray! You can do this :)

  • Thanks :) today a rest day and tomorrow next run :)

    I'm struggling not to go run today, as it is nice weather and I feel good and rested after yesterday. But I know I should rest. Maybe I'll do some strength exercises at home or even better in the garden instead.

  • Good girl.... enjoy your run tomorrow... :)x

  • I think I overdid a litle with yoga yesterday and I am quite sore. It will be a challenge to run today, especially that the weather is not ao nice anymore :P

  • Slow and steady :) heard that before? :)

    It is grotty isn't it.. my next run is tomorrow..hope it is brighter than this:)

    Enjoy anyway... :)

  • :)

    OK, I'll go run before my bath that I want so badly to warm up and relax my muscles.

    I just need to crawl oit of bed and dress :P sounds so easy, but it isn't.

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