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B210k - time commitment

I'm toying with moving up to 10k but not sure I can fit in the time. If C25k needed 3 sessions of half an hour a week does 10k need 3 runs of an hour? In reality I need an hour slot for 5k by the time I get ready and then shower and recover at the end. At the moment I'm only managing to run at the weekends and don't think I can find a lot more time than the odd hour during the week.

Writing this did put me in mind of the Fawlty Towers episode where Basil asks the doctor couple "How often do you manage it?"!

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There are as many ways to go from 5K to 10K as there arr runners. The first time I worked my way up to 10K I did three runs a week, but not all one hour.

Run 1 - sprint intervals using the 5K+ Speed podcast - 20min

Run 2 - tempo run using 5K+ Stamina podcast - 35mins

Run 3 - long slow run gradually working up to about 80mins

I guess two 30mins runs plus one long run would work maybe over 10 weeks.


swanscot - this looks similar to my plan now I have completed the c25k, but how long did it take you to get up to 10k?

In my plan every other week I have an additional 30 min tempo run too. (because i run every other day thereofre have 3 days one week, 4 the next)

My goal is to do 10k in an hour (I am currently managing almost (70metres off!) 5km in 30 mins)


When I did this last September/October, I did it in 8 weeks and ran a 10K race in 62 mins. I also did at least 20 km on my bike one day, and walked 5 km another day each week.

I'm currently back to working on building up to 10K after injury and have drawn up a 10 week plan. This time I've put a bit more effort into the intervals training, but that is because I've not been able to start increasing my distance, until my physio says I can do so!


Much to my surprise, I find myself leaning towards entering the local 10k in November. I obviously have plenty of time to build up to it (I'm currently doing quite slow 5k's) but have reservations about the time commitment too as I promised myself I'd stick to half hour runs. As Wilm says, that half hour (and a bit, I said I was slow) is the guts of an hour after warm up and down so I'm wavering.

Can one of you guys who are/have worked up to 10k point me in the direction of a good plan or is it just the bridge NHS programme you're using?



I based my plan on this one from bupa but starting at week 3. I substitued one of the 'Run 30 mins continiously' sessions with the nhs 5K+ Speed podcast and substitued another with the 5K+ Stamina podcasts.


Thanks Swan.

That will give me something to work with.

I take it there are no podcasts out there?


You could try Podrunner. I uses some of the set bpm tracks for my tempo runs, but I see he does training schedules too:



Thanks again. I'll probably graduate from C25k this week but have a few 5k's under my belt already. I guess I'll sort out something at the weekend to start on next week.


Thanks folks. Quite like the look of the BUPA one.


I also used the Speed, Stamina and one easy paced run a week to build up distance at approx 10% increments (took me about an hour to run 10k). When I ran with the b210k podcasts 3x a week I got tired out.


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