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Like many people I started running at the beginning of January. I am late 50s, female, carrying a bit of excess weight round the middle, and a 'low impact' exerciser (swimming, Aqua) who has never previously run. I am amazed to find I am progressing without any real problems other than a bit of pain in a previous injury site. I have completed W4R2 and am doing 2 runs per week outside and 1 in the gym. Combined with my existing exercise, I have reduced my waist a bit already, and also improved my blood pressure. I do find my running is slow - not quite reaching 7k per hour when measured on the treadmill. But I am coping with the elapsed time and recovering well after each run. Heart rate is going up but coming down pretty quickly. Based on what everyone seems to be saying I should trust in the programme and carry on. I am trying to resist advice from 'helpful' people who want me to run faster, longer, sign up for this and that.


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11 Replies

  • sounds like you are doing it very sensibly and it is paying off just as it should. Well done.

  • Sounds like you should keep doing what you're doing and you will soon be graduating :-)

  • Listen to your body, sounds like it knows the right speed and duration for you. You're doing great!

  • Yes, carry on steadily, slowly and carefully. You're very wise. It takes a while to build running legs and there's no point getting ahead of yourself. You're in charge of your schedule so don't be blown off course

    Good luck with the running and the swimming etc. It's all good

  • Nice work - it sounds like you are making good progress. It's great you have the best of the indoor and outdoor runs, you'll be so happy once the nice weather rolls around.

    As for the 'helpful' people - you can decide after you graduate what you want to do with your running. Don't let those folks push you - one of the goals is to do this slowly and injury free. Happy running.

  • Yes well done so far! My other half kept pushing me to do more and I kept saying no I'll do it at my pace! The last thing you want is to lose motivation by trying the impossible. It's such an amazing feeling hitting every small target so stick with it!

  • Don't listen to the "helpful" people!! I'm sure they are trying to inspire you, but the best thing you can do is carry on as you are - you seem to have got it sorted. Slow and steady is the way forward. Once you graduate ( and looking at your post, I can't see any reason why you won't), you can decide what you want to do next - it'll be up to you!

    Keep up the great work and let us know how you are getting on!

  • Listen to lovely Laura :-) she knows her stuff! Well done you, this is a fab program and has made a runner out of me which is just life changing ;-)

  • As others have said, just follow the plan, no need to do anything more at this stage. Then once you've graduated, aim to develop a consistent routine of 3x 30 min runs per week. You'll naturally speed up as your fitness improves and other goals (distance/time) can follow once you've build that core fitness. Good luck, sounds like it's going well so far!

  • OMG, we have another addict!

    Seriously, congratulations on how far you have come. You should be very proud of yourself, and you will be in peak-condition when the glorious spring arrives.

  • Thank you for all the comments, this seems a really supportive place. Did W4R3 this morning, adding an extra 3 minutes to the final run. Feeling great, chilling out with my recording of the Andy Murray Aus open QF.

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