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New Runner - Couch to 5k and beyond???!!!

36yr old male. Gone from being able to cycle 120+ miles a week in my younger adult life to not being able to kick a ball around for ten minutes in the park with my two boys without feeling like my heart is going to burst through my chest!

Saw someone on YouTube (lollujo) doing this and it has given me the motivation to give it a go myself. Seems hard enough to accomplish without being so hard it's unattainable.

Downloaded the app Couch to 5k from the NHS on Saturday.

My first run was today (24 July 2017) W1 R1 completed 😭 I am so unfit!!! But it felt good to know I had done it. Thanks to Jo Whiley telling me not to give up.

A glass of water and a banana when I got back. A hot shower and I'm looking forward to doing my 2nd run on Wednesday.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Motivation and helpful tips all welcome 👍🏻 I am hoping to post little short posts about my runs on here to give me a little extra motivation to keep at it.

Who knows if your local I may see you around or keep a look out for a bloke who looks out of his depth at running who knows it may be me..

Any questions? Feel free to ask.

Happy running all 😁

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Welcome!🙂 Many of us have been where you are now - trust in the programme, it is fantastic and can be the starting point for so much more. This forum is great for support and advice and for sharing the good, the bad and the ugly runs! Definately keep us posted on your progress too. Good luck!🙂

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Thanks Sandraj39 I'm definitely going to have the bad and ugly runs looking at the Weeks ahead!! But I am determined to stick to the plan.


You will be fine - just remember if the runs feel tough, just slow your pace a little to make them manageable. The aim is to run for the timed intervals - pace comes later and increases naturally as you get stronger. Your two boys will be dead proud of you too!🙂


Ha ha. I thought I was reading a post from when I first started. I was in the same boat as you. I have 2 boys as well and a visit to the park with them was exhausting. I would be wrecked after playing catch with them. I started doing C25k for the 10th time or maybe more back in April. I had tried so many times in the past and gave up after week 5 usually. This time by week 5 on the plan I discovered this Forum and Parkrun. This Forum is amazing.

Now 6 weeks after graduating I run 5k three times a week. I have lost around 16 pounds in weight and feel like a different person. A visit to the park now with my 2 boys is used as sprint training.😀




Out there and starting this great journey... and you are not alone.

We are all here, to help, support, encourage,sympathise, empathise and give you a gentle shove if needed..( that will be me :)) We have all been there or are on the way!

The first few runs can be a shock.. the body thinks, what on earth is happening... Just take it really slowly and really steadily. Listen to your body, but not the gremlins that try to upend us at every turn.

The programme will take you steadily to the 30 minute runs after about nine weeks;you can hardly believe it??? Believe it!

Rest days are essential and other exercise, (non-impact) on those days is useful for building core-strength and stamina...Strength and Flex is a good one for starters?

So keep posting, it does keep you going and ask any questions too, however silly you think they may be...someone will always answer :)

Go for it!


With a couple of lads you have every incentive to give a good example in making exercise an everyday part of your life.

This plan has transformed many tens of thousands of lives. Keep us posted and good luck.


Hi HelplessSpectator,

I've a few years on you and cannot, I am ashamed to say, even say I was remotely sporty when I was younger but I too am giving this a go and I'm doing it and so far I'm enjoying it which has come more of a shock to me than anyone I know.

Wishing you the very best of luck with the program, keep posting as I'm genuinely interested to hear your progress as will help keep me motivated.


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Welcome to the happy band.

A post the other evening has helped me, the key to the post was SUSTAINABLE PACE and made me rethink what I was doing.

Went out next day and did w5r1, steadied my pace down and completed the run nicely and for the 1st time enjoyed it

Sustainable pace is the key, onwards and upwards

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I found the podcasts to be more motivating than the App


Would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has liked or replied to my post. Never expected anyone to actually read it!!! By your doing has made one slightly overweight 30 something very happy and motivated to carry on 👍🏻😁


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