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Hi there, so happy to find this place! Second time out today - went much better than day 1, when I only managed 7 of the 8 60seconds and felt like my face was going to explode! I ran all 8 separate minutes today but think I could probably do with walking a bit brisker inbetween. Still it's early days and I really have not done any exercise, apart from walking the dog, for a good few years. This has stemmed from the 12 week WeightWatchers referral I had from my GP surgery - have managed to lose 46.5lbs since mid July - and am trying to turn my life around (my partner left me in June) and learn to love myself and be proud of who I am


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  • Well done Kitty ! This programme will enhance your life in so many ways .

    Many Congratulations on the weight loss , that is fantastic !

    Keep posting, we are all here to support and encourage you .

    Good Luck ! :-)

  • Thank you, that's very kind of you. I can feel negatives turning into positives already 😊

  • Well done on finishing run 2 successfully, Kitty! I only started recently and found week 1 very hard, especially as I've still got a lot of weight to lose too, it's been Slimming World for me! :-) I advise you to take it very much at your own pace if you still have weight to lose. I got too enthusiastic and did too much in week 2/3 and am now nursing a poorly knee, so take things slowly and repeat weeks if you need to. Good luck with the 'transformation' and be very proud of all you've achieved so far!! :-)

  • Thank you, Pinguette 😊 I do have a few more stones to lose, so I'm grateful for the advice to take it steady. I have thought that I would probably need to repeat weeks - the good thing is, you can. It's not a race and even week 1 is more than I've done in years, so I'm looking at it that any exercise I do is a bonus. I did see some people running on the grass in the park today, do you know if that would be easier on the joints if you're carrying extra weight? x

  • I've read that it's better on your joints to run on grass and, from my very limited experience, I'd agree with that. I have a nice woodland track near me and I found that much more forgiving to run on than the pavements. I'm going to take things incredibly slowly once my knee recovers so we can repeat weeks together! :-) x

  • Thanks Pinguette, I'll try the grass next time out. I hope your knee injury soon heals but definitely take it slowly and it will be great to repeat weeks with you! πŸ˜€ x

  • Welcome Kitty lala,

    I am sorry you have had a tough time and I hope you can put it behind you. You should be really proud already, 46.5 lbs is amazing! Well done.

    I started c25k in May, got injured (not thru running) and started back at week 3 a few weeks ago. I am hoping to graduate soon.

    There is so much support and so many experienced c25kers who are really generous with their encouragement and advice. It has really kept me going. I love to hear how others are getting on too.

    I am rooting for you as I'm sure are many others, you have made a great start. You might find that this gets a bit addictive! Take it really slowly be kind to yourself and go for it!!

    T x

  • Thank you, Tara, for your encouraging words. I feel inspired reading about people's experiences and I think this programme will help me in other ways too (I have a 19yr history of depression which was exacerbated this summer by my 54yr old partner leaving me for a 30yr old American woman he met on an online game!) - I desperately need a shot of raised self-esteem and a way to overcome the sadness and this might just be the answer.

    Best wishes to you too - I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey too. x

  • Hi Kitty, welcome to the forum!

    Good work on the weight loss. I was doing Slimming World earlier on in the year and combining c25k and healthy eating really helped me slim down and get my fitness levels up.

    You are gong to love c25k and discover so many benefits to exercising like so many of us before you. Just take each session slow and steady.

    I wish you well on your journey and remember to post here often so we can celebrate your successes and give you encouragement where you need it! :-)

  • Thanks Mimsickle. Well done on your success 😊 I was always a Slimming World person but I think I knew it too well and had become complacent. I'm enjoying WW though and pleased with the results so far. x

  • Huge congratulations and welcome. We're a good bunch to talk/rant to. You should be proud of yourself for making the first and hardest steps on your journey of self improvement.

  • Thank you, RunningforBroke. I'm very grateful for the kind wishes and encouragement. 😊 x

  • You will get lots of that here πŸ˜ƒ.

  • Welcome Kitty. Running helps with fitness but it's also good for the head. It's a great stress reliever and something just for YOU. Keep posting, we're here to celebrate your successes with you, and to help you along. Don't worry if your walks aren't brisk enough. I'm a plodder when I walk and it didn't seem to affect the program.

  • Hi runswithdogs! and thank you for your words of encouragement. I look forward to sharing and am grateful for any advice. x

  • I think maybe u need to slow down and find a comfortable running pace so you are able to breathe easily. The only thing u need to do is to run for the time, it isn't about speed because your body needs to adjust to running for increasing times. I was only able to achieve that by finding a slow but steady pace. I am graduated now and run 5K 3 times a week, speed can come later.

    Fantastic start though, keep going 😊 Julie

  • Thank you, Julie. I want to get the full benefit of the walking as well as the running - I think I was a bit overexcited yesterday and started off too quickly. It's great to get advice on here from people who have done it πŸ˜€ x

  • Well done for starting the programme kitty and welcome! As others have said running will help you in so many ways. It is a fantastic thing for your mental health and I'm sure will help you with that feeling you are taking control of your life (which with your fab weight loss sounds as though you already are). Good luck.

  • Thank you, Sandra. It's lifted my mood already - I'm on the road to being the best me I can be πŸ˜€ x

  • Awesome well done, I only found this forum a few weeks ago but it's almost as good for you as the running! 😎

  • It certainly seems that way! I'm amazed by the support and very thankful too 😊 x

  • Hi Kitty, and welcome, this forum is great, you must tell us how you are doing, one thing though, this running lark is very addictive! And it does amazing things for your whole well being, so sorry about that, you're in now πŸ˜„

    One thing that helped me at times - and still does, is - to think of my forum friends and what they would say or do when I am struggling (and we all do)

    Good luck!


  • Aah, thank you Madge! I'm bowled over by the encouragement and support here - I only wish I'd done it before! 😊 x

  • Wow, that is a fantastic weight loss!!! Good for you! I've lost a stone since January, but that is simply brilliant. And well done for starting c25k. I graduated a month ago and it feels great. Good luck with your journey!

  • Thank you, Laura. A little of it was down to the heartbreak diet - first time I've ever lost my appetite in my life! Most down to WW and cutting down on portions and eating a lot of fish!!

    Well done to you too πŸ˜€ x

  • Sorry to hear that you've been having a difficult time :-( Cutting down on portions really makes a difference doesn't it. I've also had to be ruthless about cutting out the biscuits and chocolate- I was/am a real comfort eater so I have to be careful!! Best of luck for your next run.

  • It does - and you soon realise that you just don't need such large amounts of food. When I'd joined Slimming World in the past, I took them at their word that you can eat as much "free" food as you like - so on green days I'd have huge bowls of pasta, but of course it's not "free" - it's all extra calories. It took me a long time to work it out though!! πŸ˜†

    I've stopped the biscuits too but occasionally will have a curly wurly - they last longer as they are so chewy! but for some strange reason I just don't seem to gravitate towards treats any more - and long may it last!! You've made positive changes too, so really deserve a pat on the back 😊 x

  • Well done, Kitty. What a glorious weight loss. I know losing your other half in this way is awful, but on the bright side you have the freedom to totally concentrate on making you what you want to be without his demands or needs being an issue. I have lost about a stone and a half (21 lbs) since starting the C25K in the middle of June, and took 11 weeks to graduate. It's a great programme, giving you what you need to move on to the next stage, but also allowing you the freedom to re-do stuff if you need to. Slowing down and taking plenty of rest days are good tips to avoid injury.

    Most importantly, be kind to yourself and look after yourself. You deserve to be happy and you will succeed at this and with a bit of work become the healthiest and happiest you you can.

    Let us know your progress, and equally let us help you with any problems. You've taken the hardest step by starting. You are doing fantastically well and are an inspiration to me.

  • Purple_faced_Woman (that's what I was after the first run!) what lovely things to say, you are most kind. I think you've done amazingly well yourself and I take strength from seeing all these people having graduated. I know one of the routes to a happier me is to be healthier but I will be realistic and not overdo it. I've decided to have 2 rest days between each run for now, so will do day 3 on Tuesday 😊 x

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