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New situation, new chance


Hello everyone. This seems like a really supportive community. I heard of C25k years ago but only now have decided to try it. I am spending the late summer somewhere idyllic for outdoor activity, and I thought, if not now, then when? And a coincidence landed me with a brand new pair of good running shoes. My goals are to get fitter generally (i.e. run for the bus without having passers-by looking for the nearest defibrillator) and to lose weight. A trigger was an NHS health check at which I realised that even if I lost a pound a week for a whole year, I wouldn't fall into the BMI underweight category. Something has to change. So here I am. Last week I set off, and today I completed all of week 2. The app makes it easy, and Laura's voice is so encouraging.

Oh, and my name? "OneStepAtATime" was already taken, so I thought, maybe later I might use the rhythm of the pace to learn some poetry. There's got to be an app for that too.

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Welcome, and well done for getting well under way! It’s a fabulous programme and everyone here is so friendly. We are also nosey and like to hear people’s progress! 😀

Enjoy W3 - sounds like you have the attitude to totally smash it! 😀😀


Welcome on board, your life is certainly going to change over the nine weeks of the programme. Don’t give up, take it one run at a time and one day of the week at a time.

Keep us posted as to how your progressing. I have found the individuals on the forum very supportive and knowledgeable so the advice given is sound. Take care and enjoy.


Welcome! There are some really knowledgeable and supportive people on here, so come back regularly. The FAQ is very good too:

Well done for your progress so far, and good luck!

So you're all set!!!!! Believe in yourself and you will love your transformation!!

Also keep posting and reading others. This is a very friendly and supportive community.

Good luck!! ☺


Ditto to all the above 😊

Welcome aboard. It really is brilliant here with loads of support and info. Do read the link that telford_mike sent you it is full off great info.

Just one thing - you didn’t actually do all of week2 today did you? I hope it’s just the way I read it 😳

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I didn't catch that! I hope s/he means W2R3. Oh boy

Ha! As if! I love the idea of doing all of week one yesterday (morning noon and night), all of week two today (breakfast lunch and dinner), and probably all of week three tomorrow. No, I am following Laura to the letter, rest days and everything she tells me, and I apologise for any lack of clarity in my wording.


No apology needed, I just misread your post and was concerned that you had completed all of wk2 yesterday - obviously not a good idea but some people do get carried away with all these new found endorphins. I’m glad you’re not one of them 😄.


Welcome and well done for starting c25k! Good luck and keep us posted 😀

Give this gift to yourself.✅

Impact running is the singularly biggest contribution you can make to your fitness, strength ,weight reduction plans and mood.💥

Believe it and trust the programme and the forum.💥

The gems you need for your continuous progress are all here.

We are all uniquely different and have different needs keep finding yours here and sharing yours to help others.

Enjoy it all and have no fears.

This is the best decision of your fitness life , stick with it.

There are no problems only solutions.💥🏃‍♀️💥

Welcome from another newbie 👋 Love your name - I'm going to look for an app making you learn poetry while running, I'd totally use it !


Just to echo what everyone else has said above; I'm new to all this, just completed W4R2 (about an hour ago!) and have found all the advice and sharing of achievements/struggles/progress here really valuable : ) For me it's podcasts that get me through (well, that and Laura!) - this morning was Jo Brand talking to Sofie Hage. Anyway, good luck with your next steps.

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