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Was looking forward to the final run,BUT!

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Hi everyone, l am at this moment struggling to put into words what l have just been through.As l carry on now telling you all, l don't want to put anyone off running.

Last Thursday l was sorting out all the domestic work in the house, in the morn before l was going on my very last run; suddenly l got a severe pain inthe chest and head was spinning.I sat down for while got up decided to phone doc; when he told me to phone for an ambulance, l was in shock and disbelief.The result ,l was having a problem with my heart.Went by blue light to hospital.Having spent the night there,l was told that l have an enlarged aorta.l thought this would be due to me starting running again,but apparently l have had similar episodes in the past which l thought nothing of! The hospital doc said that because l always been fit and healthy it would have helped then.But now, having had all those inthe past and now am older my body cannot cope anymore. l have been diagnosed with" Ascending Aortic Aneurism ".l was being a pest in hospital asking if l can carry- on running,they agreed,as long as l do'nt chase after any Times now or enter any races.l was happy with that as l love running.Unfortunately l do'nt think l can do that last run, am scared that,as l run alone l do' nt want any thing tohappen . Am happy just to shrt gentle jogs near where l live.Stevy.

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Wow, so glad you phoned the doctor and got seen and diagnosed.

Ascending Aortic Aneurism sounds terrifying so do look after yourself.

Really pleased for you that you have the green light to run (slowly), but make sure you have some sort of ID on you and your phone so you can get help if you need it. Were you given a limit about what your heart rate should be? Or is that unrelated?

Take care and enjoy whatever short gentle runs you are allowed to do.

Hi Runnrberut,Brilliant idea about ID,Thanks.Ihave been sent home for weekend but will going on ongoing tests at the hospital next week,for them to get abetter picture of my condition.Thanks again,Stevy.

Sounds like a frightening time you have been through. I'm glad they got to the bottom of things quickly. Take things steady and build your confidence up and I think you will get back to running in your own time. Things like this can shake us to our core. Maybe go back a few weeks to the walk/run sections to help give you some confidence. I am sure your docs will be looking after you so talk over all these concerns with them and let them help you boost your confidence.

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stevy in reply to Realfoodieclub

Hi thanks,the docs are great at hospital,two of them do running, so l shall be pestering them as they are happy that lam running asthe heart IS A Muscle.

Hey stevy, it must have been scary.. I am super glad to hear you are 'okay', but take it easy, will you? I am really happy you can continue your hobby of running, but what runningnearbeirut says seems very sound: having physical boundaries and an emergency medical ID plus means of communication. Take care, rest well, don't overdo it, and happy running!

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stevy in reply to karotti

Yes,Runningnearberut,is right! ....l am going to take it easy,they are really happy that exercise is the best thing for the heart.l have been frightend by it and will take easy.Stevy.

Hi Stevy. I was wondering if all was ok as hasn't heard about your last run. Am so sorry to hear about the AAA but glad that you have a diagnosis & are being treated. You are a runner even if you haven't quite made that last C25K run - yet!

Take it easy & walk/run gently. Great advice to have an ICE number in your phone or on your person. Can you locate other runners nearby through this forum to run with you or ask a local running club if there is someone nearby who could do a gentle run with you for a while? If you're in Gloucestershire, I'll run with you.😊

Keep posting, we are still with you.

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stevy in reply to Slinkymalinki

Hi Slinky,l do have someone who might be happy to run with me,he has been away for the last 4 months.lt is a fantastic offer of you to run with me,thankyou unfortunately l live in sleepy Suffolk.thanks again. Stevy.

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SlinkymalinkiGraduate in reply to stevy

Glad you have a walking/GENTLE jogging buddy! Stay positive & as I'm sure you're wife might say - focus on what you CAN do, not what you can't!😊

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Oh man, sorry to read this. Hope it works out as best as possible for you.

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stevy in reply to Irish-John

Hi John,l am sure it will work out ok! As one of the consultants said " Lucky you took your GP's advice,any longer it would have been different story"; but,he said " We'll look after you". Am in shock at the moment, but apparently this all part of the process. Thanks John l am determined to get back to normal; l appreciate all your lovely comments,l'll keep you all posted.Stevy.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to stevy

..and because, as you know I love my quotes Stevy...

" The comeback is always stronger than the setback" You will do this x

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stevy in reply to Oldfloss

Great quote! I shall remember that Oldfloss.when l spent the night on hospital in a 6 bed ward,three of the guys were making the nurses run around at there beck and call,l new soon as there backs were turned they are able to get up for themselves.All 3 looked at me totally shocked as got up off my butt and took short walks to the bathroom,and around the ward.The nurses were giving me a secret smile.l have the determination.Stevy.

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I wondered where you had gone ! Gosh, what an terrifying ordeal for you Stevy!

So...a scary time but good positive news... and now a very slow and steady build up in confidence and running ? Sound familiar ? :)

Maybe listen to Realfoodieclub , especially re the walking, maybe even look at the Walking for Heath link forum.. ( many of us have used and still use it when we are on or just off the IC.... you will see loads of folk you know on there...:)

Listen to the advice the professional medics give you, ask questions, and make sure they know what you are wanting from this :)

Building back up is going to take time...running really helps us though... I think it was @realfoodie who said, she felt it had taught her so much about patience. me too... :)

Short jog, walking and making sure you have your phone and folk know where you are too :)

Please keep posting your progress Stevy we are right here with you and will help all we can :)

Gentle hug x

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stevy in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for the gentle hug Oldfloss,l have done awalk since the news of myold ticker! but l think l'll take your advice and join Walking for Health forum as well,they will have all the experts there.

l am determined to get back to running eventually but it will take time,Thanks l will keep you posted.Stevy.

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I have my last run this week and ill do it for you Stevy. All the best to you and by all means take it easy.

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stevy in reply to Rickne

brilliant Rickne,Have a great run l,ll be cheering for you from sleepy Suffolk,Thankyou l will take it easy,l never thought this would happen to me,its been a shock which will have to get over somehow.I just love running.Stevy.

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RickneGraduate in reply to stevy

Life is full of surprises. Not all good. We take what we can while we can.

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stevy in reply to Rickne

another brilliant quote thanks.Stevy.

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useitorloseitGraduate in reply to Rickne


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stevy in reply to useitorloseit

we all have lifes ups and downs

My wife is agreat example with her systemic incurable she likes to put her 2 imaginary fingers in the air,she's damned if she's going to sit on her butt and just gets on with life.Stevie ps. By the way 😊 thanks useitorloseit,Avery apt name.

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useitorloseitGraduate in reply to stevy

I've got MS, so want to keep those little legs pumping all the while those plaques stay out of my brain, hence the name!

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stevy in reply to useitorloseit

l have opened up to my sudden shock problem,which l am determined to overcome.Thankyou you are a great inspiration to me.Stevy.

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useitorloseitGraduate in reply to stevy

Dull old cliché I know, but 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. Just make sure you do what the doctor tells you!

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stevy in reply to useitorloseit

wonderfully said.Have had arough day health wise.l am now going to change my mind set,from a person who does not do as he is told,to someone who will pay attention and do as people recommend.You've all been great.Stevy.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rickne

Lovely :)

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Thanks for the update, stevy, and wish you all the best for the tests etc. Good luck with your future gentle jogs and walks. So glad to hear you're in good runners' hands!

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stevy in reply to Dpsl

Thanks Dpsl,this forum is great l cannot thank you all enough,l"ll keep in touch 😊 watching all the posts,life seems like hell at the moment but l'm glad of all the posts today; you've all help keep my positive upper lip up.Stevy.

That's realy crap. I totally feel your pain. But don't despair. If the Drs have said you can run then you can run. They would not tell you that otherwise. I have had a succession of heart incidents in the last year. At soe point i am going to have t have open heart surgery and have a monitor strapped to me 24/7 at the moment. Around this time last year the Drs forbade me from doing any kind of exercise at all, which was a tremendous blow to me at the time. I have since been cleared to do 'moderate, reasonable' exercise, and am taking the opportunity to do so as much as I can and enjoying it more than ever, in large part because I know how it felt not being able to, and not knowing how long I may have the opportunity in the future.

These things come as quite a shock and it does take a bit of time to come to terms with. You may decide you are more comfortable toning things down a bit for peace of mind, and if you do there is nothing at all wrong with that. You are not obliged to, however. Within the bounds of what is medically permissible, you can carry on and do whatever you like.

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stevy in reply to Rignold

Rignold,blunt you may be but honest to the point.Thanks; once am over the first few days( have just done a 1 km walk very slowly,with my head spinning and aheavy burning sensation inthe chest and gut,shoulder and neck pain,also numbness onleft side.l am determined ldon't want to give in and become acouch potatoe). Your inspirational and gutsy.Stevy.

Good luck with all your tests etc, just take it slow until then.

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stevy in reply to ancientrunner

l certainly will,Thanks l ca'nt wait for the tests to begin.Stevy.

I can only offer my warmest thoughts. Take really good care of yourself.

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stevy in reply to helenwheels

I am going to look at this as new beginning,taking it slowly.Thanyou Helen,all the best,Stevy.

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Oh Stevy -- I'm so sorry you've been through such a scary time. There's so much good advice already given here that I won't add any more other than to say to remember to be really kind to yourself and take it gently. You're obviously wonderfully strong to have kept fit in spite of what sounds like a long-established condition. So I think you can view yourself as a battle-scarred veteran and feel justly proud. And it goes without saying that you're a runner, just on the injury couch. Sending all positive waves over to Suffolk!

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stevy in reply to OgdenCouch

Thankyou So-So Much! Ogden,Have been to see my GP( who also looks after my wife); he is a runner himself,he has tried to reassure after reading the hospital report,he explained that " l have to go through further tests"; he understands that to receive this news is like being punched in the stomach. " On the other hand", he has persuaded me to go for gentle jog ( just a short jog around Bawdsey point, near Felixstowe ferry its quiet there this time of year. l shall do that! As long as l take it gently.Stevy.

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OgdenCouchGraduate in reply to stevy

A very gentle jog and some sea air will do you the power of good, I'm sure. All very best for those tests. And keep us all posted.

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stevy in reply to OgdenCouch

I have done my gentle jog, managed only 1/2 mile,but weather was chilly and wet;did enjoy it though l became breathless.Spent the rest of the time in the cafe there looking at the great views.Am still in disbelief,never thought this would happen.l am overwhelmed with the response from everyone,am grateful this keeps me going.Many thanks Ogden the sea air did me good.Stevy.

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Hear, hear to everything that's been said. Warm good wishes to you Steve. Makes me realise that running gives us a closer appreciation of our bodies.

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stevy in reply to Gillma

Gilma l quite agree that as runners we "Know thy Selves", we do begin ajourney of self discovery.( Sorry! hope am not repeating myself and if you understand?).l am still in,astate of shock but l" ll do as the doctor ordered( which is mentioned in Ogdens post) and just take it easy.Stevy

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Wow, what a scary thing to happen to you. Good luck with your recovery!

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stevy in reply to TiredOldMan

I will ,l will look after myself T.O.M,l"ll try the short jog as mentioned in previous posts.l need to clear my head somehow; as the doc ( who incidently gave me 2weeks sick leave,l fore warned them at work.The doc said it will take awhile to understand my condition.Thanks,lhope to recover,Stevy.

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I'm so sorry to hear this Stevy, it must have been a terrible shock. I'm in a similar position, I went to my doc to get a certificate to say I was fit enough to run in a race, these are obligatory in France. He did a few checks on me, and now I'm booked to see the cardiologist. It's obviously not so urgent as your problem, and he has said that I can continue to run but only on the flat (try and find some of that round here!) So, I didn't do the race, and mostly I've been walking, at a good pace, and I've enjoyed it a lot. You get to see more than when you're running, or I do anyway, I'm always looking down in case I trip over, now I'm looking at the scenery. When I get the all clear (assuming I do) I shall almost certainly do C25K again, might that be an idea for you? Laura will look after you and you can build your confidence back up again.

Hope you get it sorted soon x

Thanks Curlygurly2,lhope l get sorted soon,its good idea for you to do walks; that's what l intend doing,after that short walk yesterday,it totally floored me.l am finding out my limitations at the moment. Wow! this is unreal for me! I hope you'll after yourself? Take it easy ,Stevy.

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Curlygurly2Graduate in reply to stevy

Do you have the link to our walking forum? I think walking is good for anyone and everyone, we can support each other xxx


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stevy in reply to Curlygurly2

Hi curlygurly,l'm grateful,and gone into the link and pressed "follow".Many Thanks, Stevy.

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