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How do you carry your inhaler and all the other stuff I feel I need to take?

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When the weather has been a bit cooler i have been wearing a trail running top with 3 pockets and it's been easy to carry everything. Now that it's starting to warm up a bit (at last) I've just got a t-shirt on and my shorts have only two small non zipping pockets that I put tissues and my ipod in. I also need to carry my asthma inhaler, house keys and my mobile phone (in case I need rescued!) Am I the only one carrying all this stuff? What can I leave behind? Or should I just juggle them at the same time as running to take my mind off the running?!?!

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I bought a Karrimor running belt yesterday in Sports Direct - about a fiver. The pouch part is simply thin, stretchy nylon that stretches to accommodate whatever you fit in. I used it today with my mobile phone and as it fits close to your body, it doesn't bounce too much.

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Before I bought proper runnin trousers with zipped side pocket and a small zippeed pocket on the bum (for keys)- I used to wedge my keys etc down my bra!!!!!

I got a small pacsafe purse that I carry all my valuables in, it goes around your neck and is lightweight. I put my keys, mobile phone and other small items in and it hold quite a few things. I use it also at night when travelling late as it goes discretely under clothing especially in winter when we wear the coats and woolies.

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I definitely don't travel light. When I started I took my whole bag with me ('cos, you know, I might need to sit and read my book whilst waiting to be rescued...) Now I use a very lightweight backpack (an Onyaback) for my keys and possibly my purse and wallet if I have taken my whole normal back out with me in the car. I also have a Muksac over my shoulder to hold bags of canine offerings, the dog lead round my neck and my phone in a pouch round my neck (and I have started borrowing eBooks from the library so that I still have a book with me if I need something to read whilst waiting to be rescued...)

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sfb350Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

I love that you take a book with you "just in case" :-) I usually take a £5 note with me in case I feel faint and need to stop at a pub for a refreshing drink while awaiting rescue. It hasn't happened yet but it's reassuring to know I have a sensible emergency plan.

I was worried about what to take out with me as I didn't want to be carrying loads. At the moment my boyfriend uses duct tape to tape the house key to his wrist and holds his phone. And I tuck a tissue into my bra as for some reason this jogging lark seems to make my nose run. But if I take to this then I am going to get a top or trousers with a zip pocket for keys and things.

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I used to use my small iPod shuffle whilst doing the podcasts which was great, clip to my t-shirt and not have to worry about it. I'd then carry my keys in my hand and that was all I took.

Now I'm using my phone for music & GPS tracking so I've got that in an armband and I still carry my keys but that's all I take.

I'd love to be able to put my keys in a pocket / pouch but I'd be forever worried about dropping them un-noticed so holding them in my hand is a bit of a comfort thing too!

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I got a really light small zipped waist pocket with stretchy belt, it's the type meant for travellers & is usually stocked with the travel adapters & luggage in supermarkets, it was only £3 & has worked very well - doesn't pinch or move about.

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I also use a Karrimor running belt from Sports Direct. Just the ticket. £5, light & stretchy, doesn't move about, don't know you're wearing it (but you'd notice if it came off cos it would trip you up). What's not to like?!

I run very light, iPod shuffle clipped to shorts and single key in zip pocket.

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I'm wearing my cycling tops as running tops at the moment, and fortunately they have lots of back pockets, so everything goes in there - no idea why they don't put pockets on running tops, life would be so much easier!

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